The X Rated Factor

Anyone who thought that the Hull Stingrays were anything but a bunch of ill disciplined goons this season were proved right last night after their antics in Panthers 6-2 victory at the NIC. I like a good scrap as much as anyone but one incident last night bordered on downright thuggery.

Stingrays forward Rick Kozak and Panthers Marc Levers came together in the centre circle while another fight was taking place. Kozak put Levers down with one punch, then sickeningly punched Levers head into the ice, leaving a massive pool of blood on the ice. Later, as Kozak made his way from the penalty box after receiving a match penalty he skated through the pool of blood and kicking it towards the Panthers bench!

There seems to be no doubt that Kozak will receive a lengthy ban, last season Jim Shepherd received 9 games for ‘spearing’ Belfast’s Mark Dutiaume and Brad Voth received 6 games for a late check on Ashley Tait. Considering that Levers needed 25 stitches to a face wound from the incident, is it unreasonable to expect Kozak to receive at least what Shepherd got? Who knows?

To end this piece with a little bit of humour, the rec team I play for trains at the NIC on Sunday nights. Last night we were allocated the away team dressing room that was used by the Stingrays a few hours earlier. Pinned on the door was an A4 sheet titled ‘Keys to winning the game’. Point number 1 was Discipline!! Oh how we all laughed!


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