Bits & Pieces – 6th October

A round up of a few things from the weekend.

A Thornton in the Side

Belfast Giants player/coach Steve Thornton kept his side at the top of the Elite League with the winner just 19 seconds from the hooter in a 3-2 victory against Coventry Blaze. However, controversy reins as Thornton is playing under appeal after receiving a nine game ban for treating Andre Payette like a baby seal cub! Thornton has now been allowed to play for two weekends running while waiting for the appeal to be heard, and while the Giants cannot be blamed in the slightest for playing Thornton, the league have a lot to answer for as this farcical situation now drags into a third week. With rumours abound that the appeals process is to be changed and currently banned players will be back on the ice this coming weekend (Rick Kozak and Brad Voth), the league’s rapidly vanishing integrity will be called into question once again. May I suggest that the publication of an EIHL rulebook would help matters somewhat!

The Wonders of T’internet

Faced with a choice of staying in on Saturday night or travelling to Humberside to watch Hull v Dull, I chose to stay in of course! Thankfully, Edinburgh Capitals were offering a webcast of their home game with the Panthers for the bargain price of a fiver. One camera and a couple of commentators was more than enough to enjoy the Panthers 6-1 victory (and Dan Tessier’s superb performance that I kept pointing out to the Steelers member of the household!) Well done Caps, it’s a great service for a small price.

Big Fight Turn Off

On Sunday night I found myself at the tin shed for two and a half hours of the usual tedium that a Steelers game provides, but it keeps the other half happy! Earlier in the week Steelers GM Mike O’Conner promised that Steelers benchwarmer Andrew Sharp would be ‘Let off the leash’ and fight Basingstoke’s Jeremy Cornish in another of their desperate attempts to sell tickets (it didn’t work, just 3,109 bothered to turn up). The ‘fight’ was a complete non event, a wrestling match that ended with Sharp throwing Cornish to the ice so that Jezza wouldn’t get his arms free and muller him! As for the game, Steelers won easily 6-2, but that was more to do with Basingstoke being extremely poor than Steelers being any good, the only bit of entertainment was Randy Dagenais giving Curtiss Patrick a bit of a spanking! Good job I have internet on the phone, the updates from Edinburgh were far more exciting!

Don’t Believe The Hype……

Round two of the biggest rivalry in the known universe happens this Sunday at the rusty shed, and Dave Simms has promised that there will be 7,000 people in the building! Given that the Steelers average attendance so far this season is around 3,200 I can see only the following circumstances will see that many people go to the game. a) 3,500 Panthers fans go. b) Simms reveals he has cracked human cloning and reveals 4,000 human clones! c) The blue seats are brought to life! d) (Most likely) Loads of free tickets are given out. If none of the above I suppose they could always invent some Steve Simoes type scandal to hype it up a bit more! I honestly hope the hockey does the talking.


1 Response to “Bits & Pieces – 6th October”

  1. 1 yotes October 7, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    So long as he doesn’t use himself as template for the clones…

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