Bits & Pieces – 13th October

The usual gubbins from the weekend!

Steelers 6 Panthers 3

Well, the Steelers managed it, they won the Stanley Cup with this well deserved 6-3 victory and……….whoops, got a bit carried away there, I thought that really had happened judging by their fans reaction to the win, and to think they were screaming for the coaches head and changes to the playing staff just 24 short hours earlier! Don’t you ever call them fickle!

Of course, South Yorkshire has turned into gloat central after the victory in their cup final (seeing as they haven’t qualified for the proper one!) and a magnificent crowd of 6,400 turned up to watch, thanks to discounted tickets and giveaways, just 100 short of the 6,555 full paying spectators who had watched the game at the NIC three weeks ago. The Steelers marketing team deserve huge congratulations.

In all seriousness, the best team won on the night, we were poor and got what we deserved. I think we will bounce back and I think they’ve experienced their season high, Robert Dowd is a good little player though, but if he’s got any ambition he’ll be out of there pretty sharpish!

Stingrays 4 Panthers 7

Great game, worth every single penny of the admission fee and more. If all games were like that the ‘house full’ signs would be out several times in rinks throughout the country (except Sheffield).

This, of course, was Dick Kozack’s return to the Hull line up after his ban for his assault on Marc Levers was reduced to 6 games. Everyone thought that it would kick off a some point, but it was more niggly than all out war. Kozack decided to be a complete pussy and avoided every challenge that came his way, so instead of taking the beating he deserves he ran away like a little girl. OK, he played a sensible game and scored a couple, but it was a game we were never going to lose. We destroyed them when we played hockey then tried to goad Kozak into fighting in between. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many different players offer one player out. Ndur, Tess, Bergin, Corey all had a go. I’m pretty sure Adam Goodridge and AJ had a go from the bench as well!

In the end, the much deserved revenge beating never happened, but to get a flavour of the game check out Seo’s You Tube video, which includes Kozacks high elbow on Galbraith and his retaliation (warning, there is some bad language on here)

So Kozack now waits until the next game at the NIC on 23rd November. Buy your tickets early!

I Don’t Get It….

Why are the Panthers hated by fans of other teams? Reading a few forums (especially THF) after Saturdays game there were several posts of how we’re ‘Arrogant’ and ‘Believe we have a divine right to win’. Now I can understand this from Steelers fans because they’re a) Our biggest rivals & b) Idiots. Belfast hate us because they can’t get over something that happened 6 years ago (and was well deserved). However it seems fans from Coventry, Hull and especially Cardiff have a genuine dislike for us as well! Why? It’s not as if we’re successful or anything, I could understand it then!


1 Response to “Bits & Pieces – 13th October”

  1. 1 Becky October 13, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    We like you, if it’s any consolation 🙂

    Certainly don’t get that much of an air of expectation to win!win!win!orsackthewholeteam! than the one that comes from Sheffield or Belfast when the sky begins to fall in.

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