Bits & Pieces – Midweek Special

A middle of the week helping of more biased opinion!

Hooray for Hollywood!

Some may remember that after Corey Neilson claimed we ‘owned’ Manchester after they defeated us 4-1, I claimed that he was being disrespectful. It seems our rookie coach still hasn’t learned his lesson when talking to the press after a defeat! After Sunday nights penalty shot defeat in Coventry (Blaze TV highlights here), Neilson was at it again the the Evening Post Report, claiming that “Coventry are not the team they used to be.” Unsurprisingly Blaze & GB coach Paul Thompson took exception, but instead of keeping a dignified silence and concentrating on this weekend’s Olympic qualification tournament, he had to have his say as well, and pretty childish some of it was too in the Coventry Evening Telegraph, referring to other coaches ringing him up to have a ‘laugh’ about Nottingham and calling Panthers “Team Hollywood”.

Neither report covers either coach in glory, and makes them both look a bit daft to be honest. However, Thompson’s retort shows that maybe Neilson has got under his skin, and Neilson responded in today’s Evening Post in a far more dignified manner, saying “I respect him (Thompson) as a coach”. It will probably ensure a large crowd at the NIC when the teams lock horns again on 3rd January. In other news, rumours that Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Adam Sandler are about to join the Panthers have so far proved unfounded!

Netminder no-no

This weekend sees Team GB in Poland, attempting to take the first steps in qualifying for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. I wrote A Right British Farce a few weeks back, giving my opinion on the league’s decision to schedule games during this weekend, instead of having a break due to some teams missing so many players. One of the affected teams is Manchester Phoenix, who go into a weekend double header with Sheffield Steelers missing Player/Coach Tony Hand and perhaps more crucially netminder Stephen Murphy. Sheffield are also light on numbers as they’ll be missing four of their British players who seem to have been carrying the team of late, however, to their credit they’ve just got on with it (it seems Belfast have managed to postpone their games with just a weeks notice though, wonder why?) Tony Hand has been quoted in the press bemoaning the fact that he has been unable to bring in a replacement netminder for the weekend. One question Tony, what the hell is your back up for? Despite the farcical situation of playing league games during an Olympic qualifying tournament, the coaches new the situation a few weeks ago, why has Tony Hand suddenly decided that Adam Summerfield isn’t worthy of a start? Thankfully Hand hasn’t been allowed to bring in a replacement, that really would have been a farce!

Seeing Red

Panthers look to be milking everything they can from the upcoming visit of Chris McSorely’s Geneva. A visit to the website and it seems to be talking about nothing else, they’ve even turned the homepage red in honour of the Swiss (it looks much, much better than normal to be honest). I’m guessing ticket sales aren’t as good as they were expecting, as the game and the Night with Chris McSorely on Saturday are still being heavily pushed. Sadly I don’t think I’ll be going myself. I appreciate that Geneva are a very good side, but I’m not sure I want to see my team beaten heavily in an exhibition game!

And finally….

What has happened at Belfast blog The Snow Plough? It’s been six weeks since they last posted something! I think we should be told!


2 Responses to “Bits & Pieces – Midweek Special”

  1. 1 Serviette November 6, 2008 at 9:46 am

    Strangely enough there’s barely a mention of Geneva’s impending trip to the fabulous NIC or their coach’s audition for the vacant role on Firday Night Without Jonathan Ross on their website.

  2. 2 Becky November 7, 2008 at 10:00 pm

    “Thankfully Hand hasn’t been allowed to bring in a replacement, that really would have been a farce!”

    Completely agree. Ridiculous situation, the whole thing… Can’t believe we put that much effort into finding a replacement and have gone with what looks like a signing out of total desperation for Sunday in Jacey Moore. No doubt the Steelers will be making a fuss if they do lose.

    If Adam has said he isn’t ready then I’m happy for him not to be icing, but I really think we could and should have handled the situation an awful lot better.

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