Bits & Pieces – 17th November

The shambolic defence of the weekend’s action….

Panthers 6 Giants 7

By god this game was boring! Only joking, great entertainment for the 4,500 in attendance, but yet again the sinking feeling of another defeat. It really was a case of defence is optional as both sides served up a 13 goal thriller, some great goals, great saves by Parley in the 3rd to keep us in it and some absolutely comedic defence by both sides and you have a recipe for a cracker (or a disaster, as it proved to be!) Sadly, Saturday spelt it out to me in rather large capital letters that once again, we come up short against the other so-called ‘Big Teams’ and once again I feel we don’t have what it takes to win the league. Having said that I hope Corey Neilson is given the time in the role that wasn’t given to Mike Ellis. I’d hope that Neilson is given a run of at least three years in charge if he wants it. So why do we fall short each year? Why can’t a succession of coaches and players bring us that league title was so desperately desire? I have my theories, but maybe I’ll leave that for another day.

Vipers 1 Panthers 3

I must admit I was fearing the worst before this game after Saturday night, even before the subject of defence I was worried that we didn’t have enough left in the tank for our third game in four days. I needn’t have been so worried, friends who were at the game said that this was a comfortable win albeit a little boring! Once again, excellent highlights of the game are available on Vipers TV some good goals and watch out for the fantastic check on Kevin Bergin by Chris McAllister, something we don’t see nearly enough of these days.

Perfect Timing

I know all about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Way back in 1989 during the Simod Cup Final between Forest and Everton at Wembley, I pointed at Everton striker Tony Cottee and said to my mate, “See that Cottee, that’s £2 million of shite on that field.” No sooner had the words left my mouth than Cottee scored. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Fast forward to the present, my other half and her family are big Steelers fans (no body’s perfect eh?) Over the previous two seasons, my girlfriends father (otherwise known as GEB) took great delight in sending me a text whenever their then number 26 scored. Since Dan Tessier returned to Nottingham, I have of course been letting GEB know whenever Dan hits the back of the net for us! On Saturday night, while we were 6-3 down to Belfast, GEB sent me a text bearing the legend “Where’s 26!!!!”. No more than 30 seconds later, Tessier ripped a shot into the top corner of the net. After celebrating I took great delight in replying to GEB with “26 Scores!!!” I wonder if GEB has learned his lesson too?

Get the tin hats ready!

Heard a couple of rumours that the Sheffield Steelers are to start yet another trial by media regarding incidents in last nights game with the Devils in Cardiff. The reasons aren’t clear at this moment in time but it looks like it will all be revealed in tomorrow’s super, soar away Stir! Expect THF to go into meltdown around 10am!


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