So Here’s to you Mr Robinson

I’ve given it a day to gather my thoughts on yesterdays surprising events. First of all, I feel that Davis Parley has been made a scapegoat. He didn’t help himself by letting in several soft goals, none more so than Hull’s fourth goal on Sunday evening, however it has been obvious to most fans that the problems lie in defence (or lack of!), as 77 goals conceded in 23 league and Challenge Cup will testify.

So with Parley gone, you’d have expected a higher caliber replacement wouldn’t you? Well, no! Enter Michel Robinson, just released from the Edinburgh Capitals with figures of 86.1% Save Average and 5.3 Goals Against Average! What the hell are they thinking? However, I realise this isn’t Robinson’s fault, he was out of work and if the Panthers come knocking he wasn’t going to turn it down was he! Coach Corey Neilson (if this really his decision of course) has taken one hell of a gamble, one which I doubt will pay off sadly, the opinions of Robinson from the Capitals fans are pretty damning!

I’d love to have enough confidence to give the guy a chance, and nothing would make me happier if Robinson proved me wrong and I end up eating a large slice of humble pie, and I genuinely mean that. However, given our defensive performance so far this season, even the great Patrick Roy would struggle!


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