TCW Exclusive – Steelers ‘Behind The Scenes’ DVD Sneak Preview

Being at the forefront of the Ice Hockey blogging revolution, The Cat’s Whiskers was given an exclusive sneak preview of Sheffield Steelers ‘Behind The Scenes’ DVD. Here’s a selection of the best bits we found:

Chapter 2– Dave Simms goes to talk to the marketing team about their  lack of success in pulling in the punters, only to find a long disused cupboard containing nothing but a couple of cobweb covered skeletons that fall on a screaming Dave Simms as he opens the door.
Chapter 6– Ice hockey accounting with Bob Phillips, Dave asks Bob how exactly do you turn Jeremy Cornish into Dan Tessier without getting your accounts looked at?
Chapter 9 – Andrew Sharp’s Elite league fights, 27 full seconds of hard hitting action!
Chapter 12– Dave interviews Steelers serial irritant Ryan Finnerty and Ryan explains that he’s managed to keep his head on his shoulders all these years by being very good at running away! Keep a keen eye out towards the end of the interview as Dave accidentally taps Ryan in the chest with the microphone, which sends Finnerty flying backwards onto the floor!
Chapter 13– Secret camera footage of Finnerty on the phone to “Bob W” swearing vengeance on Dave Simms following his totally unprovoked attack.
Chapter 14– Mike O’Connors Puppetry Masterclass, See how the Steelers GM manages to keep coach Dave Matsos in check.
DVD Extras – Choose between three levels of visible crowds during match footage: 10 years ago (Full); 5 years ago (Half full); Now (Sparse)
Steelers vision mode  – watch the whole DVD through a teal and orange haze. 
Gallery – View the shirt designs we rejected. 
PC Extra – Upload your portrait and discover what you’d look like if you came dressed as a blue seat.
Easter Egg– Can you discover what happened to Steeler Dan?

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