So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night

The title refers to our chances of winning the league after yet another defeat to one of the other challengers. The loss in Belfast leaves us with an embarrassing statistic of one win and five losses against the main title challengers of Sheffield, Coventry & Belfast. Yet again it seems we are unable to mount a serious challenge for the title and if the post game thread on The Cage is anything to go by, the fans are once again getting heartily sick of us falling by the wayside season after season. The main questions being asked are why is a club with our resources seemingly unable to mount a challenge for the title and also unable to beat the other challengers?

So who is to blame? Do you blame coach Corey Neilson for failing to recognize that our defence is pony? Do you blame Neil Black for employing an inexperienced, rookie coach? Do you blame some of the players for treating their employment like a social club? Do you blame some fans for getting on the teams back? Do you blame some fans for not getting on the teams back? As you can see it isn’t so clear cut when you break it down, and the way I see it is a combination of many factors such as this as to why we continually underachieve. I just find it very strange that despite several different coaches and players each season seems to follow a similar pattern, start well, hit a bad patch, inconsistent to Christmas, fall out of title race, good form until end of the season when nothing is on the line. It totally baffles me how this can happen every single year and to be honest I’m at a loss as to where the blame lies, can anyone enlighten me?


4 Responses to “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night”

  1. 1 oldman December 13, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    the only ones you can blame are the team, OK corey is a rookie coach and after Ellis who in my view should have stayed left, we thought Corey had set up a good team on paper, we also thought with Tess we had our best chance in years of getting the holy grail.

    None of this is happening we have a great team going forward but a D who would get done by our under tens at the moment. Why is this my thoughts only:

    Corey on the ice too much because the D isnt working and he thinks he is the Lone ranger rescuing the situation all the time!

    Meyers a shadow of last season maybe the C is one jump too many for him give it to kev or clarkie and see if his game improves.

    Toneys thank god he is there!

    Fez not a D man so not fair to single him out Corey’s bad call on that one!

    Richardson brilliant but misused not a dman but seems to be better than people who are!

    Ndur ok when he is on the ice but in the box to often and at the wrong times

    Graham outstanding will be good not fair to lump him in with this lot though!

    Parley hung out to dry but not as good as Robinson anyway!

    Jade crap lazy passenger for half a season cannot afford that in this league!

    Cook started well one trick pony and the teams know the trick now!

    As for the rest they must be as fed up with the D as we are!

    So the blame goes on the teams shoulders but corey picked the team and moran sorts the wages out which brings me to my last point , if we are the richest club why don’t we attract the best imports then is it that we don’t pay top dollar compared to some poorer clubs?

  2. 2 Yotes December 13, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    We’re all slave to the same wage cap Oldman (except for Sheffield obviously). We can’t just out spend the rest.

    Personally, although I’m a big fan of his as a player, I think the blame has to lie at Neilson’s door. It’s his team and his tactics. He recruited them, he trains them, he tells them what to do. If they can’t, or won’t, do what’s asked, he can remove them. But he seems unwilling to do so.

    I don’t want the club to get rid of him certainly, but I’d expect improvement next season – it’s much too late now for this year, the league’s gone and I don’t really care too much about the extras (to be blunt – playoffs is fun, but it’s a sideshow), I just hope it doesn’t end up in Yorkshire.

    I really think the way the league is, the way it’s viewed elsewhere, we’ll always be in a position of having rookie coaches; it’ll be the guy’s first coaching role, a place to make a mark for themselves. The only hope is to find a good one and keep hold of them for long enough for them to win you the title, before they move up in the world.

    One factor not mentioned though Jono is everyone’s favourite general manager. Why has he never paid the price for the team’s failure? What is his role in all this? Is he just a jumped up PR guy with a misleading title, or does he interfere in the playing side?

    • 3 The Cat's Whiskers December 14, 2008 at 1:06 pm

      I deliberately didn’t mention Gary Moran as I didn’t want to prejudice the debate. I think my feelings on GM have been well documented in the past so I wanted to see if others (as Oldman & yourself have) mentioned him as part of the problem.

  3. 4 oldman December 14, 2008 at 2:29 am

    agree yotes my last part was leading to the moran factor, we keep changing coaches maybe we should change the GM, reckon simon can do as good a job and stay away from the playing side of it!

    this will scare some especially the ones that originally thought i was moran!

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