Steelers 5 Panthers 2

Looks like we prematurely got our hopes up after the 4-0 win in Coventry and unfortunately Panthers reverted to type and were well beaten by the Steelers in  the end. Several factors were responsible for the defeat but the main one was our complete inability to defend on the penalty kill, leaving men free on the back post with an empty net to score into. I felt sorry for Michel Robinson, he made some outstanding saves but was given little protection by his defence.

To be honest I thought we shaded the first period and also thought we were unlucky to go behind with irritating shit Finnerty putting away a rebound. Before the first goal Bruce Richardson got a bit of a kicking from said irritating shit, so I think it’s now time for Finnerty to be dealt with. Someone (Ndur or Bergin) needs to ‘no choice’ him and give him the slapping he more than deserves. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a Steelers player so much since the days of Plommer & Cranston! Bergin equalised with a tip in from Clarke’s shot from point, so end of the first it was game on.

Steelers turned the screw in the second, but were helped by some dubious calls from referee Andy Carson. This is another thing I don’t understand, if the league put a Sheffield ref in charge of a game involving a Sheffield team whose wife is a Sheffield fan then questions are going to be asked. It’s not fair on him, he shouldn’t be put in that position. The only high point of the second period was Michel Robinson making an incredible save on a 2 on 0 breakout. One thing that did annoy me was Steve Munn was allowed to run Robinson by the defence, and not one Panthers player stepped up to ‘have a word’.

Third period and Brendan Cook pulled one back early on to make it 3-2, and the Panthers actually stepped up for a few minutes, but two quick powerplay strikes put the Steelers back in control and they completed a deserved win.

So on to tonight’s game, will it be more of the same? I hope not, one of the few positives I can draw from last night is that we were the only team to score on 5 on 5 play, so the key is to either stay out of the box or take one of them with us. Unfortunately the defence won’t have changed in 24 hours, I hope they bring their ‘A’ game tonight otherwise I fear a similar result, and more having a faces gleefully rubbed in it by the South Yorkshire mob!


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