Bits & Pieces – 29th December

The coiled spring of the Xmas hockey….

Wind ’em up and watch ’em go

I love Steeltalk, after all it does provide this site with quite a few hits and some of them really do get wound up a bit too easily. To explain, I purposely used a bit of ‘artistic licence’ when writing the match report on Saturday’s game (apart from the bits about Finnerty!) After I wrote the report a sat back and waited for a bite, and when this thread appeared on Steeltalk I knew I’d caught me a big ‘un! To be fair, there are some smart cookies on there these days, and I knew Doom would see straight through my plan, unfortunately some other established posters on there didn’t! However it was nice to see how well received TCW is by some of the posters on there, maybe one of them will bring out a Steelers blog soon?

Thornton after goon title…

…Or so it seems after he received a two game ban for appearing to trip Hull netminder Curtis Cruickshank (You Tube footage). The clip appears to be pretty innocuous and the lack of reaction by the Hull players tends to point to an accident. However, Thornton has already served a (reduced) ban for practising baseball on Andre Payette’s head during a game in Newcastle earlier this season, so perhaps that was taken into account when the EIHL disciplinary committee came to their decision to ban him. Personally, I think it’s harsh, but it is nice too see that the bigger teams aren’t being given favourable treatment for once.

The rumour mill still churns

If ‘those in the know’ are to be believed then it looks like Rumun Ndur won’t be at the Panthers much longer. Apparently he has been given his two weeks notice….or he’s taken a coaching job in Canada…..or he’s leaving because he’s injured! Now I don’t have a problem with rumours, the rumour mill was a big part of this site in the summer, but it gets a bit much when you get three different rumours about the same player, all of course coming from people who have been sworn to secrecy and can’t possibly reveal their sources! To emphasise the point how daft this is becoming, one of the guys I train with on a Sunday night told me that he had heard from someone at Saturday’s game that Michel Robinson had handed in his notice, only to be told by someone else later on that Robinson had signed for the rest of the season!

1 Response to “Bits & Pieces – 29th December”

  1. 1 TT December 30, 2008 at 3:03 am

    you forgot my rumour that robinson has been given his two weeks notice 😛 😉

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