Book now to ensure disappointment!

After much questioning on many forums, this press release the Panthers official website confirms that the Elite League play-offs will be taking place on April 4th and 5th at the ‘Magnificent Trent FM Arena Nottingham’ (fabulous NIC is so pre sponsorship!) The format is once again the same as last year, semi’s on the Saturday with a Scotland v England junior international before the the final on Sunday. Prices have been frozen and a weekend adult pass will be £68 if purchased from the clubs before general sale.

Now if most people are like me they go for a laugh, a drink and to see the Steelers get beat! However, it has become apparent that the level of entertainment and merchandise on offer has been declining over the years. In order to address this, a local publican and Panthers fan has offered to organise a marquee in Bolero Square which will house a bar, merchandise stalls and host competitions and quizzes. Full details can be found in this thread on The Cage Forum. He has informed the Elite League about his plans, but despite having the backing of a brewery and the NIC, he has yet to be contacted or replied to.

It seems to me that the League truly don’t care about the fans (something we’ve known for a while if we’re honest) and just see the finals weekend as a cash cow. Now, there’s nothing wrong with making a bit of money, but to just offer the hockey and nothing else is just ripping off the fans. For someone to offer to organise and run some entertainment for the fans and not even be dignified with a response from the league is crap quite frankly. I hope the league do allow the marquee, but I won’t hold my breath!

Elite League, do something for the fans for once and prove me wrong.


1 Response to “Book now to ensure disappointment!”

  1. 1 Stuart January 30, 2009 at 11:30 am

    It’s regrettable that the Elite League officials haven’t even made an attempt to acknowledge the publican’s request, whatever their considered response is. It sounds as if nobody there is prepared to stick their head above the parapet, maybe because of revenue going outside the stadium.

    I’ve only been to the finals on two occasions. On the second one it was noticeable to me how things had downgraded, particularly in the training rink which had formerly housed a memorabilia fair and a decent disco during the evening.

    It sounds to me as though there is some complacency surrounding the play-off finals. A ‘it’s successful and well attended so we can leave things as they are’ type of attitude. I hope it doesn’t rebound on them one of these days. The league really need to think about the paying customers here.


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