The answer to all our problems!

Take a good look at the picture above, it’s from the Rugby Union National League Division 1 clash between Nottingham and Exeter at Meadow Lane. Notice anything unusual about the fans behind the goal? They’re all inflatable! (Full story here). It’s the answer to all Sheffield’s problems, inflatable fans! There wouldn’t be much of a difference with their normal support, sat in silence, empty headed and full of hot air! (Although Simmsy might have more luck getting the fake fans to ‘make some noise’!) All they have to do is fill the blocks that the Arena is threatening to close with inflatable fans, the arena will be full for the first time in years, they’ll give the stewards no trouble and they won’t make a mess. (There may be an issue with PVC feet sticking to the floor, but it’s a minor problem, we’re looking at the greater good here!)

There are precedents of course, inflatable fans have been used in Blocks 5 & 15 of the NIC since it opened in 2000 (it certainly seems that way!) and thinking about it this could be used across rinks and arenas all over the country. In Coventry for example they could dress them up in Burberry and some Lizzie Duke bling, they’ll fit right in, they could even extend the middle fingers for greater authenticity!
In Belfast they could all have just one eye, nobody would know the difference!
The possibilities are endless, inflatable fans are the future!


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