So glad we made it

Panthers went to Altrincham and finished the job in the second leg of the play-off quarter final, beating Manchester 3-2 on the night and 9-5 on aggregate, meaning that the Panthers did give us a pretty stress free night for once! As I wasn’t at the game, here is the Evening Post report , the Phoenix website report and the Five Minute Major Blog report. The result means a a semi-final showdown with Team Lizzie Duke, while Cardiff take on ‘The Family’ in the other semi. A full, in depth preview of finals weekend will follow later in the week, along with details of trams, buses and car parks for those visiting from out of town.

It appears that some (well,one) feel that Dan Tessier shouldn’t even be playing and should have been banned for ‘spearing’ shrinking violet Brad Voth in Cardiff last week. The full post and the following exchanges can be viewed in this thread on THF. You have to be a member to view it but believe me, it’s worth signing up just to read it, it’s hilarious. Paranoia at it’s very best!

In more serious matters, the Newcastle Vipers today announced that they are delaying season tickets sales for 2009/10 while they evaluate their participation in the Elite League [Vipers Official Club Statement]. With Basingstoke already confirmed as moving to the EPL, losing another club will be a huge blow to the league. We’ll be looking at league structures once the season has finished.

Finally, on a lighter and happier note, we’ll be revealing the four new inductees to The Cat’s Whiskers Hall of Fame shortly into the off season. Who will be joining Les Strongman, Chick Zamick, Gary Keward, Terry Kurtenbach and Randall Weber? Find out soon.


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