And now the end is near?

A post on THF this evening has really caught my attention, for those who have access to THF the thread in question is here. For those that don’t here is the original posting in full.

“I have had some information passed to me today from an unofficial but trustworthy source that Newcastle, Edinburgh and Manchester are about to quit the Elite League.
Apparently the other 6 had a secret board meeting without those mentioned and placed totally unacceptable conditions on these three clubs that they feel they have no option but to turn down the leagues ultimatums.
Apparently Basingstoke got wind of this a few weeks ago and that just confirmed their exit.
The league appear happy to go with a 6 team league next season.
I really cannot reveal my source but those that know me, also know I am not one for rumour mongering or stirring on the forums.
I am absolutely shocked by the news and really did not see this coming.”

The posting  has been confirmed as true by other people on the same thread who say they have heard the same thing and the original poster certainly isn’t the sort to stir or start rumours, that’s why I’m taking the post very seriously. In response to this I have three questions to ask that I, and I’m sure many hockey fans, would appreciate a response from anyone within the Elite League who knows the answers, be that Bob Phillips, Neil Black, Matt Burge, Andy French, David Simms et al.

1) Is the above information true?

2) If true what format will the season take?

3) If true why are three further teams resigning from the league?

Elite League, over to you.


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