Jo-D in da house!

After using the excuse of ‘disrespect’ for his antics on Sunday, Jo-D issued the following statement to Paul Balm.

“Easy Now! It is your main man Jo-D here.  Now me and my bro in da Yorksha Massive Ash are here to talk about respect.  You people out dere have gotta respect the people around you, your homies, you bros and your family. Especially the family, you gotta respect de family cos if you don’t, who will?

Me and Ash, we don’t like no fools who don’t show no respect so when we heard dat de Hollywood crew were dissing my homeboy Paulie-T  from da Burn Up Posse  I knew we knew we had to do something. Dat Hollywood crew has been way out of line. Dey know dey aint no good but the keep going round shooting dere mouths off like dey is running da place. Dat aint never going to happen and Me and Ash knew what to do, we had to get some serious revenge on them  and we knew how.

We headed down to their well manky town and got right in to the middle of their manor.  Dey was in front of us and me and Ash had a choice. We could either get even with dat Hollywood crew one on one or we could show them what we really thought of them without risking getting hurt. We aint not stupid.  We did the only thing we could – we gave da Vs to dat skanky bunch of muppets dat follow dem around. I know what you is thinking but like I said we aint not stupid. We made sure dere was a fence between us and dem. Dey was never going to get us and dey were well annoyed. Probably because dey aint not as smart as me and Ash.

I tell you something, we was well pleased with what we did. We showed dem what respect is all about and I knows dat dey will not try anything like dat again cos me and Ash was well righteous wid dem. Dey ‘as been dissed good and proper.

I tell you something else, I ‘as well ruined dere summer.  It will rain on dere holidays and all dere barbecues will either be burnt or soggy I ‘as well ruined it for dem.

I is off to Denmark now cos I have ‘eard what the Den and Mark do to pigs. I does not know who Den and Mark but when I do dey will know.

Peace, Jo-D.”


2 Responses to “Jo-D in da house!”

  1. 1 Katie Green April 8, 2009 at 1:40 pm

    Thats hilarious!!!!!!

  2. 2 Adam "buster" Casey April 8, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    Jo-D reminds me a bit too much of Joey Deacon…

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