TCW Hall of Fame – New Inductees

When I brought back The Cat’s Whiskers last year, one of the things I wanted to revive was The Cat’s Whiskers Hall of Fame, to celebrate those who have made a massive contribution to the Nottingham Panthers.

The final two printed issues of TCW saw five inductees of the Hall of Fame listed below with links to their profile in the Hall of Fame section of the site:

Gary Keward

Les Strongman

Terry Kurtenbach

Victor ‘Chick’ Zamick

Randall Weber 

The Hall of Fame commitee have chosen four new inductees for the Hall of Fame, and they are as follows, once again with links to their profile on the Hall of Fame section of the site:

Alex Dampier – Coach 1985-1993, 1999-2002 

Andy Smith – Goal Judge 1981-2008

Paul Adey – Player 1989-1999, Coach 2001-2005

Simon Hunt – Player 1988-2000

I think everyone will agree that they are all more than worthy additions.

Many thanks to Stef and Ian Braisby who provided profiles.

All constructive comments are welcome


1 Response to “TCW Hall of Fame – New Inductees”

  1. 1 Stuart April 27, 2009 at 10:15 am

    I think Paul Adey is a shoe-in. He turned up year after year, ready and fit to play from the off. An extremely good professional with terrific production for the Panthers for a good number of years.

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