Phillips: I’ve ran out of things to say about Tait

Kim found an interesting report in the super, soaraway Stir!

20 June 2009

By Bob Westerdale

Jonathan Phillips last night admitted he’d ran out of nice things to say about His Majesty King Ashley of Tait. This revelation comes after days of uncertainty over Sheffield’s star forward and an increasingly repetitive set of ‘news’ articles in the Star which has allowed the newspaper to milk the story for all its worth.

“I just don’t know what else I could possibly say about Ash” admits the Steelers captain. “Me and the rest of lads even drew up a list of things we could say to you about how great Ash is, but now that’s exhausted too.”

The Welsh forward and the rest of his team-mates who have already signed on for next season are eager to hear whether the 33-year old, famed for his dummy spitting exploits, is to rejoin the club or try his luck in Europe.

“We’re really getting desperate to hear something now” he says. “If Ash doesn’t re-sign soon, what are Earth are we going to say to the Star?” “People are going to start to think it’s some kind of cynical ploy by the Steelers and the Star to keep people from forgetting we exist.”

On an unrelated theme, Phillips included the obligatory dig at Nottingham which is a standard clause in all Steelers-player’s contracts. “I hear Nottingham Panthers are concentrating on bringing in firepower – if they do that we’ll be laughing because they aren’t resorting to grovelling in the press to sign it.”


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