Matt Myers Signs for Bakersfield Condors in ECHL

It has been revealed tonight that British centre Matt Myers will not be lining up for the Panthers next season but for Bakersfield Condors in the North American East Coast Hockey League (Panthers website news story). After my initial reaction of ‘Oh Bollocks!’ I realised that this is one hell of an opportunity for Matt and one he could not turn down. The Cat’s Whiskers would like to wish him all the very best at Bakersfield, and hope he has a very successful career across the water.

Now we will see how good Corey Neilson and Bruce Richardson are at recruitment. Myers departure leaves a massive hole to fill, not least because there are very few quality British players left available. We now have two roster slots available and only one can be an import. The rumour mill is predicting a return to Nottingham for Ashley Tait, however it has been said that hell would have to freeze over, Jordan would have to become a nun and 100 fluffy bunnies would have to be sacrificed before Tait wore the black & gold again! This also opens the door to Ryan bloody Finnerty, who was apparently offered a very good deal by the Panthers which included the university deal he wants for his wife. As he has yet to re-sign for Steelers or find alternative employment, this rumour could have some mileage. I expect the speculation to reach apocalyptic levels by the end of the week!

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