Tighter than a gnats chuff….

Two weeks into the new season and as predicted the Elite League is closer than Jordan and Peter Andre’s divorce lawyers! Early days I know, but who would have predicted that Newcastle would be top, Sheffield would be shite and Curtis Huppe would do a natty Steve Backley impression! (Check out the You Tube video of Sunday night’s antics in Cardiff, proper old time hockey!)

This is exactly what we wanted (especially the Sheffield being shite bit!) The Caps start this weekend and two wins will see them right up there as well. Their roster is interesting, containing the most ex-NHLers of all the teams in the league, I am very much looking forward to seeing them at the NIC on 31st October. Hull have also made a decent start, but they could suffer from suspensions after the previously mentioned spat in Cardiff. However anyone who was in Hull on Bank Holiday Monday will know that the Rays will have to be taken seriously this season, even if it is to duck long projectiles thrown by Huppe!
The Vipers are the surprise leaders so far, however they have yet to play away from home. We’ll see how good they are at the NIC on Saturday, which will seem strange as there is no pantomime donkey to laugh at this year!
Cardiff have also had an indifferent start with two wins and two losses. Like Hull they are also waiting to see how they’ll be affected by suspensions from Sunday’s game. We do know that Brad Voth’s two match penalties will keep him out of the Steelers games this weekend (convenient eh?)

Panthers have made a good start, I’m sure most fans would have snapped your arm off for three wins against Belfast, Coventry and Coventry again. After coming unstuck against the Vipers I’m sure Panthers will be looking for revenge this Saturday, with Kevin Bergin likely to return from injury, honest, no honest! (Has anyone checked flights from Sweden on Friday?)
Coventry have made an indifferent start, a victory against the Steelers has been followed by two defeats against the Panthers, which no doubt had Paul Thompson jumping up and down in rage, however in Peter Hirsch they have an outstanding netminder and I expect them to be there or thereabouts at seasons end.
Belfast looked pretty ordinary in the season opener against Panthers, but two wins and a penalty shot loss sees them in the runner up position. The Giants do have problems though, none more so than the use (or none-use) of enforcer Sean McMorrow and who their number one netminder is.
Finally on to the Steelers, where the big round panic button has been well and truly pressed by the fans, who have finally worked out that dull and boring hockey is….well, dull and boring! (Only took them two years to work it out!) I’ve no doubt that a couple of undeserved, streaky wins will see them back up there and calm restored to the diminishing fanbase, which must surely be a bigger worry to Uncle Bob than poor early season form!

All in all it has been a good start and it has been close. Will it continue? Watch this space……


2 Responses to “Tighter than a gnats chuff….”

  1. 1 asbo26 September 16, 2009 at 5:37 pm

    Squeel Bleat had a crap start last season and look what happened, but i don’t think there team is as good this year

  2. 2 Hannah September 22, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    I wouldn’t say that the Steelers start to the season was shite, but dissapointing yes. I just hope that the players start working as a team sooner rather than later. I am optimistic about this season, I’m just hoping the result at the end is the same as last year 😉

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