From today’s Star

Paul found something very interesting in the Stir today….

The Sheffield Steelers have announced that they have petitioned the
league for a change in the rules following their success in the
inaugural 20-20 Hockey Fest this weekend. Dave Simms said “It’s true, we have contacted the league about changing the number of periods per game to two.
“It makes so much sense, not just for us but for the league in general.
Obviously from our stand point it’s easier for us to get the league to
change the rules than it is to change our players. We’re struggling over three periods but are so much better over two but it’s not just about us. Who can spare the time in their hectic schedules these days to watch three whole periods of ice hockey? That’s over two and a half hours before you get to the possibility of overtime and penalties. Two periods, about an hour and a half is far more manageable. Look at how many more people were there yesterday compared to our normal, three period crowds.
“Not all clubs are as cash rich as Nottingham (were they even there
yesterday?) so saving what amounts to well in excess of a day’s arena rental cannot be ignored”.

Eamon Convery, Elite League Chairman stated “We can confirm that an approach has been made and although no decision has been made I think I can say that it will be viewed favourably. The Elite league are
continually looking to bring in more customers and any plan, no matter
how radical it may seem will be considered”


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