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The Sheffield Steelers today threw their full weight behind the Elite League’s new player respect initiative. The league only publicised their Withdrawing Hatred In Networked Environments campaign this morning but Steelers General Manager Mike O’Connor was among the first to back it. “The W.H.I.N.E. initiative is fantastic.” The former Durham Wasp stated “far too many people think they can say what they like about players but they’ve got to remember that players have feelings too. Comments about their weight, or playing ability can eat away at their self-confidence often leading to problems or depression or binge eating. You only have to look at the abuse Jade Galbraith got in Nottingham last year. Did those fans honestly think calling him fatboy, pie face or Brad would actually help?”
The W.H.I.N.E. campaign wants to eradicate all forms of cyber bullying of players on forums and is being supported by all teams across the Elite League. Some though, including Steelers’ own Dave Simms don’t think the campaign goes far enough. “I’d like to see a full ban on independent forums introduced immediately. This campaign is a start, it’s the bare skeleton, if you will but I’d like to see a far more meaty attempt and driving out all this dissent. For far too long people have been gorging themselves on the titbits of excitement that having an opinion can bring. But they’re anonymous in the main part and that’s the problem. We want people who will get up from the table and ask for more of the same from players not resort to a diet of vitriol and abuse.” Simms continued “We’d like to see a clamp down on these unofficial sites and to only allow EIHL sanctioned forums. That way we can nip discussions of smuggling fishing rods into arenas to dangle pies over team benches in the bud.”
The campaign couldn’t have been timed better following Brad Cruikshank speaking out on the pain and anguish he felt at being called a fat, lazy slob. Unfortunately Brad was unable to comment today as he was honouring a pre-booked personal appearance at the Wetwang Tipsy Apple Pudding Fair.


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