Where do you start with such a shocking performance? Personally I wish I had been delayed a bit longer in Belfast then I wouldn’t have had to witness that shower of shit last night! If only the Panthers players had put in as much effort as I did to make the game!

After a close game in Belfast on Friday night I was expecting the Panthers to take this game by the knackers and really go for it. Unfortunately we got what I consider to be one of, if not the worst Panthers performance in the NIC era.

One of the biggest reasons for our insipid performance last night was the antics of Belfast hard man Sean McMorrow. We allowed him to come into our barn and run the show. We were so preoccupied with McMorrow that less attention was paid to Colin Shields, Brandon Benedict and the outstanding Jeff Szwez, and the Giants made us pay big time.

McMorrow basically took the piss for the 35 minutes and 40 seconds he was on the ice, what really annoyed me is that no-one took him to task for it. With a couple of exceptions, we played like a bunch of fairies, running scared of the hardman! I will say this though. The cross-check that McMorrow put on the back of Mario Larocque’s neck was straight out of the bush league. I lost a lot of respect for McMorrow after that, I always had him labelled as an honourable fighter, but that was a deliberate intent to injure which could have done some serious damage. The league needs to look at that incident and hand out some supplemental discipline as he can’t be allowed to get away with that.

Only 19-year old Brit Stevie Lee stood up to him, body slamming McMorrow to the ice and for that he deserves a great amount of credit. Even when McMorrow skated to centre ice inviting a fight not one of our so-called hard men grew a pair and took him to task. He did his job to the letter (apart from the cross-check) and had a big hand in Giants win. I hope the team watch the video from last night and take a long, hard look at themselves!


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  1. 1 Kim November 23, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    I could not agree more with everything wrtten here.. I took along 5 Ice Hockey virgins to the game, hoping for them to witness some quality hockey, with passion skill and a decent scrap? Instead, they got a dull, embarrasing pathetic hour of our Panthers being made to look foolish. and booed by their own supporters. Belfast were giving better applause and rightly so. This is only my second season watching the Panthers so realitively new myself, however it has to be said, this must be the worst performance I’ve seen.
    Something needs to be done, coachers and players alike need to buck their ideas up, and soon.

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