From The Press – It’s all the ref’s fault!

Sheffield Steelers have complained that the standard of refereeing by Marco Coenan cost them two points in Newcastle on Sunday, not the fact that they are a festering pile of shite as first thought.
Steelers GM Mike O’Connor said “Some people may think this is sour grapes from a bunch of sore losers, and they’d be quite right, let’s face it you can’t change the habits of a lifetime!” He went on “Dave Matsos and I looked over the video on Monday, it was quite obvious that the referee ignored offences that would have been given to us in the past, mind you it’s very difficult to buy them off when you don’t have any money, eh?” When reminded that Steelers forward Matt Hubbauer looked to have got away with supposedly breaking his stick over Jeff Hutchins back, O’Connor looked uneasily at the floor and nervously fidgeted while mumbling something about what terrible weather we’re having.
Newcastle coach Rob Wilson was furious when he heard of Steelers complaints. He said “Typical Steelers, trying to deflect attention from yet another demoralising defeat. I would say it’s taking away from a hard fought victory by my boys, but then again it wasn’t that hard, it was only the Steelers we were playing, you sure don’t have to try as much against them these days!” Wilson continued “I think they felt intimidated by the crowd, we had over four thousand people in here on Sunday, their guys are not used to playing in front of those sort of numbers!”


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