Panthers 2 Steelers 1 (Bruce 1 Hewitt 0)

The biggest rivalry In The Night Garden resumed hostility today with the first leg of the traditional Christmas match up at the NIC. The arena was once again packed to the rafters, and it was announced as a record Nottingham hockey crowd (without actually giving the thronging masses a figure!).
Jonathan Phillips was absent for the Steelers, the league for once rejecting Steelers appeal to have his match penalty from last Sunday overturned. Panthers had Kevin Bergin return to the line up for Cameron Mann, whose wife gave birth to their third child earlier this morning. Nick Toneys was once again left out.
Many will remember Jason Hewitt mouthing off in the Sheffield Star earlier in the week, speaking some rubbish about how he loves to see the Panthers lose. Well, tonight he was made to pay for making those comments. Bruce Richardson gave him a comprehensive battering, beating him up so badly that Hewitt had to leave the ice to have his face sewn back together and it took over seven minutes to clear the ice of his blood. Thanks to Iain Dilley, Bruce’s glorious lesson in how to kick some arse is on the below video:

Panthers took the lead while short-handed. Kevin Bolibruck fell over on half-way while carrying the puck, Johan Molin and Kevin Bergin played ‘to me, to you’ a few times before Bergin buried the puck, the NIC erupted and Panthers went into the break leading 1-0.
Panthers ran into penalty trouble early in the second, and Steelers took advantage. Doug Sheppard claiming a scrappy goal. The Panthers procession to the penalty box continued, however the penalty killing unit was excellent and managed to keep Steelers at bay for two minutes of five on three over two separate penalties. After the Panthers procession, referee Andy Carson began the Steelers procession to the sin-bin. The Panthers made no mistake and re-took the lead, David Clarke scoring with a rocket that I doubt Andrew Verner even saw. Panthers ended the period with a five on three powerplay. With Jeff Legue in the box, Verner thought it would be a good idea to pin Sean McAslan to the ice in his crease. Stupid, stupid holding penalty to give away, I’m sure Mike O’Conn… Dave Matsos gave he a right royal rollicking in the 2nd interval!

Nothing came from the five on three that Panthers started the period with, however for a team down by one, the Steelers didn’t come at us like I expected. In fact the team looking most likely to score were the Panthers. Steelers only managed six shots on goal in the final period, if that’s all you can manage when chasing the game then you don’t deserve to win.

In fairness, this was a better Steelers performance from their last game at the NIC, but overall they still weren’t good enough. Hostilities resumed tomorrow at the empty tin shack, however for tonight Panthers win and Belfast & Coventry lose. Couldn’t really be any better for the Panthers this evening, with or without our Brucie Bonus.


1 Response to “Panthers 2 Steelers 1 (Bruce 1 Hewitt 0)”

  1. 1 MDS December 27, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    Yep, Bruce quite obviously gave our Jase the beating he deserved after saying stupid things in the press. I wish we had Bruce in our team, maybe they wouldn’t be such a bunch of pussies then.

    Your Brucie sure is a warrior Jono

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