Steelers 3 Panthers 5

Ding dong, Verner’s let in five,
Dave Matsos hands are wringing,
The defence left him out to dry,
The Steelers fans are singing…
Be on the next plane leaving.

I never thought that a re-worked carol would come true, but it did tonight! A fabulous four point weekend for the Panthers, Steelbleat in meltdown and Jason Hewitt looking a right royal twat. It really couldn’t have gone any better for the Panthers over their bitterest rivals.

The evening started with Steelers taking an early lead on the powerplay through Joey Talbot after Bruce was harshly sent to the box by referee Moray Hanson for holding the stick. Mario Larocque dropped the gloves with Brad ‘fat, lazy slob’ Cruikshank on the boards during a melee. A hugfest was ended when Cruikshank caught Larocque with a bomb that put him down and ended the fight. Cruikshank win. Soon after, Panthers equalised on the powerplay, Corey Neilson powering a shot through Andrew Verner’s gaping five hole. The Steelers had the better of the opening period and took a 2-1 lead into the break when Jonathan Phillips took advantage of some horrendous defending to fire high past KSP.
Panthers didn’t take long to draw the scores level, the outstanding Robert Lachowicz centred the puck for Cameron Mann to fire home. As the second period went on Panthers started to take the game to the Steelers, the passing became more fluent, attacks started to look more dangerous an we were hitting anything in a Steelers shirt hard. However nothing was to prepare the travelling hoards for what was to come in the final two minutes of the period. Jade Galbraith gave Panthers the lead with one of the best goals I have ever seen. He stick handles past four players before taking his own rebound off Verner and putting the puck into the net. The cheering had barely stopped when Dominic D’Amour fires passed Verner to make it 4-2. Just 22 seconds later it was 5-2, this time Lachowicz with the finish. A crazy couple of minutes that saw Verner absolutely hung out to dry by his defence and Panthers lethal finishing giving the away side a 5-2 advantage and the away fans chanting “Easy, easy, easy”.
Panthers shut up shop in the third, but Steelers did pull one back with a very well worked powerplay goal scored again by Joey Talbot. The Panthers goal was rarely troubled after that and the Panthers ran out 5-3 winners. The chants at the end were great. My personal favourite was “That’s why you’re number 6, that’s why you’re number 6” closely followed by “Hewitt how’s your face? Hewitt, Hewitt how’s your face?”. Still I suppose the British poodle will think twice before allowing his name to be put to stupid comments before a big game in future!

So a great weekend, four points and two points gained on Belfast & Coventry. We now have to keep the momentum going against Cardiff on Wednesday night.


2 Responses to “Steelers 3 Panthers 5”

  1. 1 Flaming_Phoenix December 29, 2009 at 12:21 am

    You call Hewitt a royal twat and Cruikshank a fat lazy slob. Truth is though, you’re all those rolled into one. Winning nothing this year fatty.

    • 2 The Cat's Whiskers December 29, 2009 at 1:53 am

      Yet another personal comment from you, yet you fail to leave your real name you brave keyboard warrior. You obviously know who I am, let’s see if you’re brave enough to say it to my face? Somehow I doubt it!

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