Steelers Shock Fans with ‘Big Announcement’

Sheffield Steelers shocked their tens of fans this evening. After saying there would be a big announcement concerning the club on Radio Sheffield, club spokesman David Simms revealed listeners the news they’d been waiting for since being intimated at the weekend. He said “Steelers fans, I regret to announce that we are shit. I know this will come as a shock to most of you but I’m afraid we cannot hide it any longer. We thought we were in a four month bad patch, but after gaining one point out of the last ten available, we have to admit our shitness to you all. Everyone connected with the club is very sorry and we are working hard to become just crap before the season ends.”
Some fans were in shock, one who was smiling broadly and clapping wildly said ” I know things haven’t been t’best this season tha’ knows, but we still sing ‘We are number one’ on those rare occasions when we score t’goal, so I thought things we’re fine. It’s come as a reet shock I tell thee, still I’m sure it’ll be fine and turn out reet for rest o’ t’season.”
In some all too rare good news for the Steelers, Mike O’ Connor today revealed that blocks 207-214 of the Sheffield Arena that closed to Steelers fans will be re-opened again. He said “With some tough negotiation we managed to get the blocks re-opened. As a compromise with the Arena we’ve had to close all the lower tier, blocks 201-206 and blocks 215-220, but we should easily fit everyone in the open blocks with plenty of room to spare. We believe that is a massive step in the right direction for our club and would like to thank the Arena for their co-operation”
We asked for a reaction to the news from Nottingham, but the city has suffered a major earth tremor due to more than 5,000 people all laughing very hard at the same time!


1 Response to “Steelers Shock Fans with ‘Big Announcement’”

  1. 1 Aunntie B January 6, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    Just what I needed to make me feel better after a bout of ‘flu. A good laugh.
    Thanks TCW

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