Panthers 5 Steelers 2

What the hell happened to the Sheffield Steelers? Remember this is the team that brought us those annoying gits Tim Cranston and Tommy Plommer, the sublime skills of Ken Priestly and Dale Craigwell, a string of outstanding netminders and complete thugs like Dennis Vial. Today’s Steelers are a mere shadow of their previous teams that were full of grit, character and an incredible will to win. This years Steelers are a complete polar opposite to previous sides. Zero heart, zero passion and almost zero ability! So much so that these are now games that I expect to win, an emotion I don’t think I’ve ever felt in 17 years of watching these games.
Steelers started Dan Green in goal and it seems that Panthers early brief was to get as much rubber on him as possible, and a shot count of 16-7 backed that up, but despite dominating the opening session Panthers only had a Kevin Bergin goal to show for their efforts. Skating down the left he put a shot on net from the angle, Green made a complete mess of it and it ended up in the back of the net.
Panthers were left to rue their missed opportunities and in the second were being dragged down to Steelers level. The inevitible Steelers equaliser came on the powerplay after a shocking slashing call on Bruce Richardson. Dagenais with the leveller. British lap dog Jason Hewitt tried to renew rivalries with Richardson but instead of doing it like a man he chose a cowardly hit from behind, still nothing more than we expected!
As the third started the Panthers had noticeably upped their play a few gears and after David Clarke had hit the post, the next foray into the offensive zone saw the home side re-take the lead, a superb feed from Jade Galbraith found Cameron Mann who gleefully roofed the puck. 2-1 became 3-1 as Corey Neilson smashed a blue line rocket into the net on the powerplay that I doubt Green saw. A trip by Hubbauer and then a delay of game penalty on Bolibruck saw Panthers with 1.38 of a two man powerplay. The Steelers totally mucked up a line change to leave Panthers 4 on 1 on the offensive zone and some tic-tac-toe passing left Clarke with an empty net to fire into. A coming together between Stevie Lee and Hewitt lead to a 2+2 roughing panalty for the young d man.He dropped the gloves to go, but with the lap dog being a complete coward he covered up. Steelers pulled a goal back, new signing Jonathan Zion scoring. Steelers then tried to engineer a mass brawl, unfortunately they forgot that this is the softest team in Steelers history and there was more turtle than the Maldives as D’Amour battered Basiuk. Somehow only 2 minute penalties were called and D’Amour’s was for slashing! The inevitable empty net goal sealed the win, Marc Levers making no mistake, sparking a mass exodus from the away blocks.
So a quite easy 5-2 victory in the end, and hopefully plenty left in the tank for tonight’s crucial visit to the Skydome. As for the Steelers, well you can’t help but laugh and point can you?


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