The Weekend That Was (Sponsored by Guinness!)

So it’s all over for another season, the play-offs are over, congratulations are due to Belfast Giants for winning the tournament and apologies are due to my liver for the obscene amount of Guinness I put through it over the weekend (I woke up at 4.30 yesterday morning and I’m sure I saw it walking out of my bedroom with a couple of suitcases!) There is now so much iron in my bloodstream, I can’t go near a magnet for the next fortnight!
The weekend started as ever at 10.45am in The Castle with a pint of the black stuff and a bacon & sausage cob. Over to the Arena to soak up a bit of the atmosphere. A hilarious banner in the Steelers end, ‘Money doesn’t buy League Titles’. I guess the owners of said banner were not around in the 1990’s and early 2000’s! Once again my irony-metre exploded into a thousand pieces and was taken in for another costly repair!
Sadly the arena was a long way from being full, Sheffield’s failure to make the weekend had hit the attendance as they barely filled two of the four blocks allocated to them. However empty seats were all over so they were by no means the only culprits, maybe the league need to take a look at their ticketing prices.
There was expectant excitement as fans from all over anticipated two great semi-finals and the first did not disappoint. The Blaze and the Devils served up a great game, for two periods the Devils bossed the game, taking a 4-1 lead into the final period. However, the Blaze aren’t the league champions for nothing and two quick goals saw them right back in the game, but the Devils finished strongly and took the game 6-3.
So the Devils deservedly into the final, but who would join them? We contemplate this over a tray of chips and a shot of Jagermeister in between the games, we felt that Panthers would prevail as 1) We have the best home record and 2) We were all disgustingly biased!
As it was the Giants dominated the game, but only had an early Michael Jacobsen goal to show for their superiority. Panthers came back in the final stages of the match as Jade Galbraith put away one of few Panthers chances. Overtime failed to separate the sides so it was to the dreaded penalty shoot-out. The excellent Jeff Szwez scored the sudden death winner to prevent a huge travesty of justice. I know I can be biased when it comes to the Panthers but if we’d have managed to get through it would have been totally undeserved, we didn’t turn up and we paid the price. Strangely, this meant we weren’t too gutted over the result and enjoyed the rest of the night in The Castle.
To Sunday and I arrived at the arena during an under 10’s exhibition by the Nottingham Juniors. This was great fun, especially the young lad who tried to do two Bergy bounces into the plexi after scoring a penalty shot. They were given a great ovation as they left the ice.
We were hoping the final would be a cracker, especially as it was being showcased live on Sky Sports 2. Thankfully we weren’t disappointed, once again a close hard fought game went to penalty shots and this time Evan Cheverie was on hand to score the winner to send the Steelers fans into delirium! To be honest I thought it was hard on Cardiff as I felt they were the slightly better side during the final, but it was close and you couldn’t begrudge Giants their victory, it wasn’t as if they were a distant second best.
So it was of to The Castle for more drinks, lots of laughs and lots of chanting (most of which is unrepeatable on here!). Hockey is over for another season, but as we are so fond of saying, there’s always next year!


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  1. 1 Macca_88 April 6, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    very good. it was cheverie who got the gwg though jono 🙂

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