Heads in the sand

Look at the picture above, certainly a euphemism for how Sheffield Steelers fans are treating the news from Thursday evening that Yorkshire Sports Ltd, an associated company of the Steelers, has gone into liquidation owing money to creditors including Dunn Line coaches and the Inland Revenue. The number of them that are pretending nothing is wrong and everything is rosy in the garden is quite astonishing!
Now, some may think I’m causing trouble as my dislike of the Steelers his hardly a secret, but my other half is a Steelers fans and her season ticket cheque was cashed on Friday, so when we stand to lose £290 from the household budget I tend to get concerned!
To add more fuel to the fire, the Sheffield Star has printed two articles about the crisis, including one with the headline ‘Steelers Bust’. Now, I’ve often seen the Star as less than a bastion of truth, but surely if such articles were untrue the Star would preparing to be sued? It also has to be remembered that the Star is a pretty staunch ally of the Steelers. Even with this evidence the Steelers fans have vented their fury at Star reporter Bob Westerdale, prompting him to write a personal reply on Steeltalk to explain his actions, yet still the locals will not admit there is anything wrong!
The big talking point has been the ‘ring-fencing’ of season ticket money. I imagine this is so that Yorkshire Sports creditors cannot reclaim their debts from season ticket monies paid for the 2010/11 season to Sheffield Steelers, but there is a grey area as to whether this is legal or not. If illeagal, a lot of people could be losing their money!
Two things have really concerned me since this news broke. Firstly, since David Simms posted the news on the Steelers website his silence on the subject has been deafening. Secondly, on Steeltalk a response from ‘Steelers Office’ to poster Doom about season tickets sent chills down my spine. Doom asked As someone who hasn’t committed their money yet to a season ticket, am I better off holding on for a few weeks until the new company has been set up or will it make no difference if I was to send it this week?” to which Steelers Office replied “Thank you Doom, your season ticket money 100% safe and it is your initial investment in season tickets that help our coach deliver the team and the more support you give your club, the sooner Matty can finalize his remaining player slots.” Now I could be wrong (and often am) but it strikes me from that statement that Steelers are desperate to get hold of money and as quickly as possible. Not a good situation, the summer is going to be very interesting.


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