Alternative Steeltalk Statement

What the mods really wanted to post…….

Dear all,

I’ve now sucked up to the management and they’ve told me that everything I wanted to hear. As a result they’ve allowed me to re-open the forum but only if they can read every submitted post before I’m allowed to publish it. I did say that they wouldn’t be interested in a thread about Steve’s Mum’s new cat but Bob very kindly said that he has always been a keen lover of cats and he can’t wait to see the pictures.

Bob has also asked me to tell you all that he will be making an announcement that will be totally contradictory to anything else that has been said today which I have taken to mean that it will be absolutely brilliant and will mean that everything in the world will be wonderful again.

As an unofficial forum I would like to re-iterate that we are not linked in any way to the Sheffield Steelers organization but I would like to say that I think Bob Phillips is a lovely man who only has the best interests of Sheffield Steelers, British Ice Hockey and, most importantly, you the fans at heart. I always like to picture him relaxing in a summer’s meadow high in the Swiss Tyrol gently stroking a gorgeously cute St Bernard puppy whilst the Von Trapp children skip around him in a circle of joyous harmonies.

Everybody, let’s love Bob because we all know that without him Sheffield Steelers, British ice hockey, the Salvation Army, penicillin and the whole of creation simply wouldn’t exist.

I’d like to finish by paraphrasing Elton John (a Steelers fan by the way) “How wonderful life is while Bob’s in the world”.


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