From The Press – “It’s a bit slippy!”

After complaining about the state of the ice in Whitley Bay earlier today in The Star, Steelers coach Ben Simon has had to fend off several calls for him and his team to ‘man up’ and ‘grow a pair’.
One Vipers fans said “I dinnae naaw wot their problem is leek, aboot time they grew some nads. I naaw it can be a bit curld in there, even I sometimes have to wear a t-short leek, but complaining aboot the ice just sounds leek excuwses, which is strange ‘cos they wun leek. Reet, I’m off down toon for a bottle of broon.”
Ben Simon responded, saying “The state of the ice was horrible and I take offence at suggestions that we need to ‘man up’. Roddy [Sarich] was out after breaking a fingernail the previous night, if I’d have played him on Sunday he could have quite easily broken another one. It was lucky Neil Clark was at his sister’s wedding, he would never have been able to run away from John Schwarz on that surface!”
Steelers have enjoyed a superb start to the season, put down to the fact that they have yet to play anyone good! The run is expected to grind to a halt when they finally face a decent team, followed by a loud bang in the Broughton Lane area as expectations come crashing back down to Earth!


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