Non-Checking sport?

 After today’s quite disgraceful decision by the Elite League to ban Guillaume Lepine, I had to write something about it. It seems to me that hockey is becoming a non-checking sport, but I read the following on The Cage posted by Rich Rigley and had to put it on here:

Heartbroken, stop killing the sport I loved.

“Although Lepine’s hit on the original DVD was inconclusive, the league apparently uses an advanced video screening system that enhances the action, enabling a more confident decision to be made.”
So you need crystal clear footage to prove intent then? It was a hit, which caught his head, not a hit to the head.

Sorry but I followed the hit, I watched Lepine lining it up and following through the hit. If he doesn’t make the hit, he’s on the next plane home Monday because its the system the panthers play to stop the opposition breaking cleanly out of their zone, its not his fault he did it “too well” and Globke was daydreaming. What’s he supposed to do?

Are there any players on the panel that make these decisions? Or just clueless refs who’s combined hockey knowledge and common sense wouldn’t fill a postage stamp?

I could not have said it better. Rich is my coach in rec hockey, I respect his opinion as a coach and his opinions on the game. His view on Globke is quite correct, he had his head down, it’s his own fault he got injured. The very first thing Rich taught me on the ice was to keep my head up, if I can do it at Rec level, surely they can manage at pro-level!
I’m getting heartily sick of seeing the game sanitised more and more. Lepine’s hit was poetry in motion and was the sort of great hit that was commonplace in the league 10-20 years ago. If that hit would have happened in our old barn Globke would have probably been sacked by his coach for skating with his head down!
It’s just becoming a joke, the league may as well be sponsored by Stones Bitter as it’s becoming so watered down. I don’t want to see a league where players are frightened to check because they’re scared of getting a ban.


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