Getting Angry With Greg Mitchell – 15th October

Guess what I want a good moan about this week? To be honest I don’t know where to begin but let’s get the big one out of the way. Lepine. There’s not much more I can say about this that hasn’t already been said. Yes, the hit was good, no Globke shouldn’t have his head down and Carson really should have known this but then again he’s got Ashley “Captain Flint” Tait sat on his shoulder chirruping away. I’ve heard Tait moan and I can tell you if they’d had him in the war the Germans would have been singing like canaries within minutes. In between pleading with him to shut up that is!
What sticks in the throat more than anything is the bunch of sanctimonious idiots that inhabit the Arena crawling out the woodwork to say that Carson must be right because a faceless bunch of morons agree with him. That doesn’t mean he was right, it simply means that he was not alone in being wrong. There used to be plenty of people who thought the Earth was flat, does the fact that they weren’t alone make them right? Still Yorkshire people stick up for their own don’t they. And don’t give me all that crap about him coming from Derbyshire (is that worse?) because as the millions of Manchester United fans living in Asia will tell you it’s not where you’re from it’s where you’re at and where Carson is perceived as being at is right up the Steeler’s bums!
Is he? Who knows? But he doesn’t do a great deal to dissuade us of the (possible) misconception does he? Name me another sport where the referee would be allowed to travel with the team to an away game. Don’t strain yourself, there isn’t one, and the reason why? Because, even if there’s nothing more inappropriate than a couple of games of canasta going on up the back of the bus it leaves him open to the suggestion that there is and at that point he loses some of his credibility along with that of the league. Again though, there’s no point getting surprised or worked up about it because that’s British ice hockey. It’s just and always has been a joke out of Bernard Manning’s joke book – tired and just not very funny.

There’s other stuff I want to talk about as well all of which is linked in one way or another to the shambles of Saturday night and it’s disciplinary implications. I’m a big fan of Jade Galbraith’s (apart from his godawful dress sense) but he did himself no favours Saturday night. If you’re listening Jade stop digging when you’re in a hole (if you are listening, smarten yourself up a bit). Carson, or any referee worth his salt (not that Carson is) won’t change his mind no matter how angry you get so learn to keep your mouth shut. You won’t do your team any good sitting in the dressing room.
Penner? I sort of expect it from, he’s the team’s goon so he almost should go mental once in a while. This isn’t to say I’m condoning it, I’m not, neither of them would have any beer money this week if I was the coach. They’d both have had their backsides hauled over the coals on Saturday night or Sunday morning (good name for a book that!) for their actions, but hey this is the Nottingham Panthers so they probably just got their share of the sweets some muppets insist on throwing at them win lose or draw.
Interestingly enough the ludicrous practice of throwing sweets was going to be this week’s topic but events with the Yorkie’s sort of fudged the issues and turned this into a marathon session. I do hope there’s some quieter weeks coming up so I can fit these burning issues in.
Talking of sweets, it’s been made obvious this last week that they don’t throw any confectionery at the Sheffield players. If they did Derek Campbell wouldn’t have been able to use his pearly incisors to such good effect. His punishment (is that the right word?) for biting a linesman? Three games. Yes, that’s one game less than checking someone. So kids make sure you drink your milk and don’t eat any of those naughty naughty sweets and you can grow up big strong and brave like that shining example of humanity that is Derek Campbell.
So, do you want to know what Greg’s secret to success this season is? No? tough. The secret is to keep your head down going into checks, keep your mouth shut, moan all the time, sign players with a bit of bite and be good to your friendly local referee. I’d say simples but if that meerkat were real I’d have wrung its flaming neck by now!

On a happier note. Nice to see a win last night. I see Angel had a good first game. Let’s just hope he keeps it up and doesn’t go the way of far too many Panthers players of the past (see last week’s column if you don’t know what I’m on about).

And finally, for reasons known only to my daughter I’m now on Facebook. You can’t miss me, I’m the handsome chap in the picture at the top and that’s what I’ve used for what is supposed to be called my profile or something like that. Anyway, if you want to be my friend (god, that sounds like I’m back in nursery) then look me up and you never know I might even accept you. Apparently my daughter won’t be joining you as I’m a bit of an embarrassment to her. I’ve no idea why!

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