Getting Angry With Greg Mitchell – 12th November

It’s likely to be a short one this week because I’m in a good mood for once. In fact, I’ve not really got all that much to moan about. I could go on about Derek Campbell admitting to biting a linesman and his desperate (some might say pathetic) attempts to claim that he did it because he was Canadian but what’s the point? The EIHL have already given him a three game ban, he’s served it and now he can brag about it in the press so everything’s alright. There’s no point wondering about whether it was in the referee’s report or not because the time has gone. We can all say that it should have been in the report and there’s absolutely no doubt in my, or most other’s minds that it should have been but it’s alright because he gets to tell his story and laugh it off in the Soaraway Star!
He’ll be fine though, the EIHL won’t do anything, they’ve already banned him (we’ll leave the length of the ban out of this, we’ve been there before far too often and that’s not really what I’m driving at) so his actual admission in the press will be seen as irrelevant and that, I think, is where the real problem lies.
You can say anything you want in British ice hockey these days and get away with it. I say these days but this has been going on for years, particularly in a small town near Rotherham. Things are said in the press that no other sport would allow. Could Arsene Wenger get away with saying he hated Spurs or that he thought Harry Redknapp was stupid? Of course not and yet when Jody Lehman et al decided that making obscene gestures to their opponent’s fans was better than celebrating with their own it wasn’t just condoned by the team they positively revelled in it making a singularly regrettable incident into a long running joke.
Take Simms (please), for example. How much anti-Panthers bile and vitriol has he spewed forth over the years? As soon as anyone dares to question or complain about it we’re told he does a lot for the sport and it sells tickets. That makes it all alright then!
Yet another example of how the Panthers are shoring up the league with our money. I didn’t go to Scotland at the weekend but I’ve seen the crowd figures and I’ve done the maths. I reckon the last team that we played away where our fans outnumbered theirs was London Racers and we know what happened to them after that game. This isn’t Field of Dreams. If you want people through the door you have to work at it. I see Newcastle have finally stopped moaning and tried something and fair play to them I say. If it works great, if it doesn’t don’t do it again and start trying to think of something.
I’m digressing though. Should Campbell have been banned for biting a linesman? Yes. Should he receive a punishment for publicly admitting it? Yes, I think he should. I’m not saying it should be another ban but he should be fined. Having said that though you’ve got to be paid before you can be fined and the rumours I’ve been hearing might make that difficult.
It’s the first of the Elite League fan forums next week. Hopefully this will flourish into a regular occurrence both in Nottingham and all over the league. I have my concerns though. I’ve been to a few of these things in the past, although they weren’t hockey related, and most of the time they degenerate into a session for people with grievances and agendas to start grinding their axes about their own personal gripes which means the bigger questions don’t get addressed. So, my request to you is to leave the pettiness at the door and ask the questions that really matter – how does the disciplinary system work in this league? Why announce a player will get four games and then downgrade it to one when you change your mind? What, if anything, does the league do to help the smaller, struggling teams? What, if any, due diligence is done on new teams or owners? And why, at times, this league seems to want to make itself look stupid (contradictory disciplinary statements, referees travelling on team buses, etc)? The powers that be will be happy to field questions about the 20/20 fiasco and when the play-offs will be all night because it means that the more important, harder issues, will not have to be answered. We have to remember that ice hockey isn’t their game, it’s ours and we want to know the truth. On a related note, I see that the Panthers just happen to have organized their own “meet the player” event on the same night, am I the only one wondering whether a) they’re trying to distance themselves from this event or b) they’ve got something to hide?

I said I wasn’t going to be long this week but as usual Bob has opened his mouth a nugget of comedy gold has dropped out. Basically, Sheffield’s problem this week is that they now think they charge too much for tickets. Frankly, that’s pretty obvious. I wouldn’t pay a £1 to watch them regularly. In a highly unusual turn of events Bob is blaming everyone else for his team having higher ticket prices than anyone else. It’s the other team’s fault, it’s the previous administration’s fault. Maybe, just maybe he should talk to the people at the Arthur Daley’s Used Motors Arena. The whole thing is just another example of Bob’s tireless search for the ultimate excuse. He, alongside Paddy O’ Connor (who has been moaning AGAIN this week), should polish up on their time management skills and use the time spent whining on something more productive. I’m not holding my breath.


1 Response to “Getting Angry With Greg Mitchell – 12th November”

  1. 1 john miles November 12, 2010 at 10:16 am

    Another great post…..are you emailing any questions to the EIHL for Tuesday night?? I note from their last email that “in order to structure the evening” they require our questions to be emailed over to them.

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