Getting Angry With Greg Mitchell 25th November

There’s an old saying that dogs look like their owners or is it the other way around? Anyway, if you’d read some of the comments coming from the North East you could be forgiven for thinking the same. I’ve commented, with good reason, before about the amount of whinging and whining that has come from the Vipers’ management every time they think that something hasn’t gone their way and following Panthers’ win up there at the weekend it looks as though their fans are following their lead. Some of the statements that are getting spouted on the Cage are quite frankly laughable (I know that’s not really saying much but I haven’t got time to get on to the subjects of forums this week). Apparently we were too rough for them. The poor little cash strapped Newcastle Vipers couldn’t deal with the big rich Panthers aggression and bullying, Penner is an all out goon and Bellamy is akin to the spawn of Satan because he had the temerity to get someone to let go of his stick. There’s probably one statement in all that lot that you could give any credence to. Having spent years watching the likes of Angelstad or Payette they know what gooning is about. Penner punched Carroll in the face and they thought he’d broken a bone. Is Alex not supposed to punch as hard? Should the Elite League publish a list of players that make Crown Derby look robust? I believe the phrase I am looking for is “man up”!
I wish this was the worst that the few Vipers fans that were there can come up with, but it wasn’t. No Newcastle fan is capable of saying the words Nottingham Panthers without mentioning money. It’s bred in to them at birth like their love of Brown Ale, Jimmy Nail and for some unfathomable reason Robson Green. Having money to a Newcastle fan is worse than going out on a Friday night with a coat on. They can’t handle it and any team that makes money and spends it is wrong and should be condemned by the have nots. Utter rubbish. This time they were crowing about how well they’d done to lose 4-2 to such a money rich team. It was a noble loss and, it would seem in their eyes a moral victory. It must be getting pretty crowded around the Angel of the North with so many Geordies making for the moral high ground. The thing is you don’t get any points for moral victories or noble losses. You get the two points for having more goals on the scoreboard and that’s what we did. Did we hit top gear? Not according to people I know who were there. Did we need to? No.
I’ve just watched the highlights and dear oh dear oh dear someone has got their flat cap in a twist. There’s people on Tyneside who should be working for the government or opening the bowling in Brisbane they can spin that well. The spear – yes he raises his stick at Stewart but anyone who rad the reports would have thought that Penner’s stick went half way down Stewart’s throat like some Canadian Circus’ answer to the sword swallowing act. I said earlier that Carroll was made of porcelain. I admit not that I was wrong, he’s made of sugar glass. One soft punch and he’s on the floor, nearly as bad as Prpich who at least tried to get back up and go again. We all know Newcastle are short of money but did they have to resort to trying to steal Bellamy’s stick? I’ve always said that the punishment should fit the crime so no complaints from me on that one. If you haven’t watched the highlights, they’re on Youtube. You have to say they’re a  bit one sided, I counted four shots for the away side and we all know what the score was. A quick tip to the team that put it together – if you’re trying to prove a discounted goal went in don’t shoot through some of the grubbiest plexi I’ve ever seen.
I’m not singling Newcastle fans out here. We had the same complaints from the first time we went to Braehead. The result was the same and maybe, just maybe, there in lies the rub. We go to a rink and do what we need to win, end of. Nor is that the only example. I could go on all night, and will if events ever give me a quiet week, about how the antics and verbal abuse of a certain Brummie estate agent have affected the ever dwindling fan base in Sheffield.
OK, I’ve said enough, for now, against the Vipers so it’s time to say something nice. I said the other week that they don’t promote themselves enough and that whining doesn’t attract the punters. They must have been listening because they brought back the Drive for Five this week. It wasn’t a huge success and they might have been better calling it the Plea for Three but at least they tried. Did they try enough? Who can say, but I heard rumours that Gazza was turned away as they wouldn’t let him bring his fishing rod and KFC in with him!

I always like beating Coventry and Saturday night was no exception. You always know that you’ll walk away from a victory over the Blaze with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. The Blaze dressing room must have been in shock at the first interval. How long is it since they were still in a game in Nottingham after twenty minutes? Can anyone remember? (don’t bothered posting an answer, I’m really not that interested). It might not have been a noble loss but they can walk away from the game with a few things to be proud of. Jaeger can claim that he didn’t let a goal in all night. He didn’t, he wasn’t anywhere near the goal on all three occasions that we got the puck across the line. You’ve got to love Robert Farmer. Simms said on Sky the other week that he was game and bless him, he was right. Farmer was really up for it all night. He was far more upfront with his aggression than the typically dirty Blaze tactics of Zanon and Carlson who were keen to dish it out but were always ready to run a mile if anyone dreamt of going anywhere near them. I hate that in a player. In my eyes there’s nothing worse than a player who’ll spear someone but won’t stand up to anyone who wants to take him to task. It’s chicken, in fact it’s worse than being chicken but again that’s a topic for another day. As for Farmer it was a bit of a shame that his only reward was a one sided pummeling from Bellamy. Only a bit of a shame though.
Finally, it was nice to see only a solitary chocolate bar on the ice after the game on Saturday night. Perhaps this ludicrous practice has run it’s course. Either that or the idiots that were doing it give it to the players whilst they fawn over them in the bar after the game.


2 Responses to “Getting Angry With Greg Mitchell 25th November”

  1. 1 Sully November 25, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    Had the same problem up there myself earlier this season. Don’t tell me the fat version of Paul O’Grady who stands right by the away fans spouting off with his lovers!

  2. 2 phil November 25, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    Nail on the Head once again!

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