I think after two days I can now post my thoughts on the events of Saturday night at the Skydome Arena. I love a bench clearance and it’s been a while since the last one so one has been long overdue. Add to the fact that Blaze and Panthers despise each other and you have a recipe for disaster (or cracking entertainment) Now, to put you all in the picture I wasn’t actually at the game but watching the coverage via the excellent (when it was working!) Blaze TV. In order to watch the pictures and do TCW Live, this was the scene. I was in the kitchen with the live stream on my laptop on the left, on the right I had Helen’s old laptop to do the TCW Live coverage. In the lounge Helen was on her laptop inputting all the latest scores (apart from when I shouted “BENCH CLEARANCE” and she sprinted round to the kitchen to watch the mayhem unfold), it was just like Soccer Saturday, I was relaying what was happening from live pictures that TCW Live viewers couldn’t see. All we needed was Jeff Stelling in the reclining chair in the lounge to shout “It’s all kicking off in Coventry, what’s happening Jono?”
To be honest I’m glad I had the comfort of being at home watching a live stream with a laptop as the signal at the Skydome is ropey at the best of times, trying to convey what was happening on the iPhone while there would have been nigh on impossible! For those who have been living under a rock for the past two days, here is the YouTube footage of the bench clearance from Blaze TV:

Watched that? Good. Now, this website doesn’t like Brad Cruikshank, I don’t like Brad Cruikshank, I find him to be a poor excuse for a hard-man and a vastly overrated hockey player. Some won’t agree but that’s my opinion, live with it! All Saturday proved is what a coward he is. There can be no excuse for what he did, I don’t care that we ran Jaeger all night (which we did) his was the actions of a complete moron, especially against a team that contains Alex Penner! As is usual, Cruikshank ran away as the madness unfolded while his team mates took some vicious beatings on his behalf. Stevie Lee destroyed Robert Farmer. When will that lad learn he’s a useless fighter? Game, but useless! He lost so many fights that he now gets 5 minutes for receiving! Alex Penner beat Brian Lee not once, but twice. However he came out of the penalty box to do it so will no doubt receive a long ban. The highlight was Guy Lepine against Jason Robinson. Lepine hands Robinson his arse on a platter quite frankly, watch the video above, Lepine gets in 10 punches to Robinson’s 2, but some claim Robinson won because he pulled Lepine down to escape further punishment! As Lepine was in the box Brett Jaeger came over to have a word, realised who it was and quickly (and wisely) retreated, only for Danny Meyers to steam in and club him in the head! Amazingly, Meyers completely got away with it, however I expect that to change when the league review the DVD with their super-duper slow motion technology!
Of course old yellow belly was well out the way, no doubt contemplating how long his ban will be. We’ve heard many reasons as to why it happened. The Blaze were incensed that Panthers were continually running Brett Jaeger who had been injured in warm up and many, including commentator Dave Simms blamed referee Tom Darnell for not protecting him and the chaos that ensued. However I blame the Blaze for not protecting there netminder, Panthers were given free run at him and not one of their players did anything about it. Cast your mind back to the Challenge Cup Final against Cardiff last season. The Devils were continually running an injured Kevin St. Pierre and getting away with it. As infuriating as it was at the time, I didn’t blame referee Moray Hanson for not protecting KSP but our players. Not one of them stood up and this was exactly what the Blaze players didn’t do on Saturday. Instead of blaming Darnell they need to take a long, hard look at themselves.
As for the actual hockey, Blaze were better and deserved to win. That’s it!

The final word though goes to a poster on Steeltalk called Vinny19, who posted this classic on the Stalinist inspired message board earlier “Just going to randomly slot in that the panthers are thugs.SHANKER.How awesome was he.Quality stuff”. Better take my ironymetre back to the workshop again!


1 Response to “BENCH CLEARANCE!!!”

  1. 1 phil December 6, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    ah young vinny dont you love him!

    As for shanker his name goes about as well as banker for a better rhyming word, He is a low life always has been always will, he needs a good beating when or if he skates for the Blaze again, I notice Thompson is being very quiet about things from Saturday night!

    Negatives though the damage to Kwall who was looking good for us, and the bans that will come for Penner ( we have Lepine so not so bad) and maybe Danny although he will be out with his stupid dislocation from his non fight yesterday!

    In the end yes it looked good but would rather the points as well myself!

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