From The Press – Steelers Wine To Increase Cashflow

Cash strapped Sheffield Steelers have entered the alcohol market by producing their own wine in order to try and take advantage of festive alcohol sales to increase revenue streams at the Broughton Lane club.
‘Steelers Constant Wine’ was unveiled by club owner Bob Mariani Phillips this afternoon and is available in Bitter, Sour and Very Sour varieties. The bottles also come wrapped in cotton wool to prevent any damage if they get bumped while left on the shelf. Local wine buffs were invited to try the wine, which was described by some as shallow and leaving a very bitter taste in the mouth. A local grape farmer was at the launch and explained “The club decided to launch the wine after I told them of the abundance of grapes that are grown in the area all year round. They are an incredibly sour variety which is unique to the South Yorkshire region, especially Sheffield. Once told this the club were very interested as they said it reflected them perfectly. I believe their forward Ashley Tait came up with the name which is very appropriate.”
Steelers forward Neil Clark tried some of tipple on Saturday night and said “On Sunday morning I felt like I’d been checked in the head by Brad Voth………Hang on a minute!”


1 Response to “From The Press – Steelers Wine To Increase Cashflow”

  1. 1 Mark666 December 15, 2010 at 9:25 am

    Funniest. Article. Ever.

    Anyone for a draw on Saturday?

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