Cardiff’s Hard Man, Bradley Voth

It’s the festive season, and what better way to usher in the season of drinking to excess than one of TCW’s famous lyrical re-workings. Taking inspiration from Boney M’s version of  ‘Mary’s Boy Child’, we present ‘Cardiff’s Hard Man, Bradley Voth’

Cardiff’s Hard Man Bradley Voth, was banned for Boxing Day
And this injustice came about, ‘cos Steelers got their way

8 days ago in Cardiff town, Ben Simon was heard to say
Cardiff’s Hard Man Bradley Voth, has made our players lay

Hark now hear, the Steelers bleat, Clark was concussed today
And fans will curse for ever more, ‘cos Steelers got their way
Cardiff’s Hard Man, Bradley Voth, was banned for Boxing Day

While Simon watched his team that night,
Getting beaten on the ice,
He made a call to Andy French, who didn’t even think twice

Hark now hear, Ben Simon bleat, Devils beat our team today
Andy French said never mind, a ban will come their way

For a moment their was disbelief, after You Tube showed
there was nothing to the check thrown, Devils shouted
“Let everyone know, there is hope Brad Voth will be freed.”

Now Andy French and his stooge Hicksey, called Uncle Bob that night
To a state of disbelief, they said Bradley’s ban was dead right.

And then they wrote a new rule book, to make Brad’s ban water tight
The that goon Campbell got a match, they were re-writing into the night!

Hark now here, the Devils cry, Steelers once more got their way
On the scoreboard we will now have to make them pay
Cardiff’s Hard Man, Bradley Voth, still banned for Boxing Day

Uncle Bob’s world was a glow, all the Steelers fans
rejoiced with joy and laughter, other fans shouted
“let everyone know, it looks like Steelers still run the league”.

Oh my word, Uncle Bob’s here to save us
Oh my word, he will just enslave us
Oh my word, I think the end is on us
Steelers will run the league

Oh my word, in Dubai they did find him
Oh my word, CCJ’s do surround him
Oh my word, the league gathered round him
To throw him lots of cash

Oh my word, their fans give such adoration
Oh my word, they really have such patience
Oh my word, Steelers fans really are
The most clueless in the league

Oh my word, Bradley they’ve not forgotten
Oh my word, they will still call him rotten
Oh my word, even though they’d still love him
Playing for their team

repeat to fade


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