Getting Angry With Greg Mitchell 20th January

I have a week off and then you get two in a week, you don’t know how lucky you are. I know I don’t usually write two articles a week but there’s something I’ve just got to get off my chest. It shouldn’t take long (and I know I’ve said that before) but I’ve got to say it.
We managed a draw last night in Cardiff. A draw. On the way to the draw we gave up a lead very late in the game again. Now, I know a draw was enough for us to progress but reading some of the facebook statuses out there you’d think we’d won the cup already. We’ve won nothing. We’ve got to aim to win four games out of four in this competition if we want Danny Meyers to be the one lifting the trophy (if his shoulder will hold it). Is that likely? I’m not so sure. Last night’s game changes very little about what I feel about this current team and management. We never know which team is going to turn up – the good team like last night or the simply can’t be bothered team. Games like last night just make Saturday night’s debacle in Belfast all the more irritating.
As far as I’m concerned last night’s somewhat hollow victory is simply a sticking plaster on a gaping wound. Nothing has changed and nothing will change because of it. The problems are still there, they’ve just been hidden by a fickle veneer of temporary success. Winning this trophy could, in a way, be extremely counterproductive for the Panthers and, more importantly, their fans. In fact winning any trophy except for the league will simply allow the club to continue to think that their cavalier attitude to fans and defending works and they will simply continue doing the same thing, ignoring where the problems really lie.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that I don’t want us to win a trophy, I do. I really do. I just worry what that success will bring or rather won’t bring.
They made precious little comment on Saturday night’s events but that’s not surprising, Panthers don’t like having to deal with bad news. Drawing in Cardiff will give them a chance to sweep the whole sorry series of events under the carpet and I’ll almost guarantee they’ll grab that opportunity with both hands. Neilson will be hailing his squad and taking the plaudits for “turning it around” and maybe he should but he should also never forget that he is partially to blame for that set of events in the first place because I know I, and plenty of others, won’t.


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