A Call To Arms

Dave Wiltshire asks for some noise

There is something I want to say and I want to say it LOUD!

This is a calling to all Nottingham Panthers fans, young, old, introvert and extrovert, we are simply being outsung, constantly!
OK, so on the odd occasion the roars of “Lets go Panthers” do ring round the Ice Centre, But nowhere near often enough. I attend the majority of games and well I have to say the Hull clash was, well, dull on our behalf.
I have recently given up on football and a couple of other sports to really get behind the Panthers, both in time and money, and as we all know they are currently somewhat inconsistent on the ice, let’s at least gain some consistency from the stands. A constant massive roar from the crowd does affect the players on the ice, as someone lucky enough to have competed in sports in front of a crowd, I can definitly confirm that it is uplifting and spurs you on. Let’s not wait for the announcer to get us going, when the poor, single voice five rows infront of you crys out ‘lets go Panthers’ back him up, chant back, shout, scream anything.
The better the atmosphere, the better the moral on the ic and even if we are losing it will gee the players up.
Now that little bit is out of the way on to my next rant, The Chants!
Nottingham teams across the board are known for some of there funnier chants and fan banter, this just doesn’t carry very well to ice hockey, but with crowds of 5,000+ we should be owning the sound waves. Myself and a couple of friends that attend most games always try and get some new chants going, some of which are funny even if I do say so myself. But when we stand every time K-Wall makes a save and chant along the lines of Pink Floyds ‘Another brick in the wall’ with ‘All in all you just couldn’t score past the K-Wall’ we get looked at as if to say sit down and shut up!
Now I’m not saying this is the world’s best chant but come on guys, we need to start embracing the team more up in the stands, forget all the booing when things aren’t going well and get behind the team 100% no matter what the play is like.

Jono’s Note: While an increase in noise in the arena would be welcome, my own personal opinion is that it’s up to the players on the ice to give us something to cheer about. If the team came out and played with 100% intensity & focus from the opening puck drop I don’t believe the Arena would be quiet.
As for getting behind the team no matter what the play is like, that may be OK for you Dave, but some of fans will want to show their displeasure at a poor performance. We all pay for a ticket so my opinion is that it is up to the individual how they best feel they sould support the team.
I’d like to thank Dave for his article and would welcome any comments.


5 Responses to “A Call To Arms”

  1. 1 Warren January 25, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    For me, I agree with Jono. add to that, as previously mentioned on the Cage, Being a former “noisey” person in that arena, it is damn hard work.

    I don’t like being out sung by the away fans (and I sit just about as far away as possible) But it all boils down to when the 5 or 6 superstars can’t be bothered to play, why should I chant?

    If the team plays with passion they will get Noise. I’m not asking for every Power play to result in a goal or a hat trick by every player every shift.

    What I want is players to skate there nuts off from when they start there shift to the end. not throw a mardy because player X isn’t on my line or player Z is. IF you put the work in, the results will follow.

  2. 2 john miles January 25, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    Hi Guys and thank you to Dave for his recent post. Whilst I totally support what Dave is trying to achieve, I do not necessarily agree with his comments fully.

    I do think we need to be more creative with our chants and songs, and perhaps we could set up a thread somewhere, where these suggestions could be proposed. If they are liked, then they will take off on match nights. I have to say though, coming from a football background myself, the Panthers fans do sing and support the team well most of the time and are easily the loudest and best supporters in the league, WHEN THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO CHEER ABOUT!!

    Dave will appreciate as an ex player that if you do not put the effort in to your team, regardless of what sport it is, you are going to be quite rightly critisised by your fans. Dont get me wrong, I do not berate my team for losing, only for not trying 100%. If our team puts in a full shift and can honestly say that they tried their best, who in their right mind is going to slag them off?? But, by the same token, if they want the praise and noise for playing well and for putting in effort, they must also accept the comments and lack of noise when they don’t.

    I spent over £500 travelling to Belfast last weekend and for what?? To get an awesome result on the Friday night, only to see some of our senior players getting wrecked in a club, when we have another massive game the following night. That just smacks of disregard for the management and total contempt for the fans that travelled over to support them, and the fans that were at home following however they could. I do not blame any of the fans that were there for booing them off the ice at the end of the Saturday night game, it was a disgrace.

    Even the attempts of the announcer on Saturday’s Hull game could not raise the mood of the crowd. I am of the opinion that the air of dispondancy was apparent, and has to be put firmly at the feet of the management and the team. We support a fantastic sporting institution, not a bunch of prissy, prima donna tarts who will get drunk out of their brains whenever they want to.

    The message is simple: Treat the fans and the Panthers strip with the respect it deserves, put in 100% effort EVERY game and the rest will follow. We may not win the league, but no-one will boo the team and stop going to games, so long as when we lose, we lose valiantly. The fans will then automatically make so much noise that it has to drive the team on to greatness.

    LETS GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!

    (sorry for going on)

  3. 3 Kronwalled January 25, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    Whilst I understand the principle of “give us something to sing about and we’ll do it” in my ever-so-humble opinion, as someone who has admittedly only been attending Panthers for a little over three seasons, Panthers fans do seem to be very much ‘sing when they’re winning’ fans.

    I cut my teeth hockey following wise at the Joe Louis during the Dead Wings period. At times the crowd numbers got low but the fans never stopped cheering on the team. As Delia Smith touched upon in a drunken haze, the crowd can be the extra man.

    I’m not talking about just being a ‘happy clapper’, show your discontent, get those banners out and ask questions of GM the GM but to get outsung by the opposition fans when they number less than a hundred is just terrible.

    I can only echo what Dave says with regards to being a lone voice in the crowd (block). At times the looks you get from some for daring to try and get a chant going makes you wonder if you’ve just awoken them from their slumber. I can also repeat what he says about getting a bit of support when you’re flagging/behind. Although I only ever played representatively in minor sports and representing the Royal Air Force, hearing a chant of encouragement can give you a push.

    The excuse that I’ve heard of late about the lack of noise “its people protesting in their own way” etc is cods. The only time you see a good atmosphere from a Panthers crowd is either at an away game or when the team are hammering an opposition that usually provides a challenge. Its not a recent ‘protest’, its how Panthers crowds are.

    Drawing – Mleh
    Losing (shock horror) – Deathly silence, until a goal wakes everyone up and folk can join in with the waving arms thing.
    Beating a team we’re ‘supposed’ to beat – More mleh, apart from maybe a bit of arm waving after a goal.

    Whats the answer? Who knows, seems folk up this way are rather fickle.

    Perhaps the so-called Nottingham Panthers Supporters Club could try sorting something out, if the various egos can be kept from clashing for a short while and they can concentrate on something other than slapping the back of various team officials.

    Seems some folk in the Panthers crowd are open to new things though, the chocolate throwing seems to have gotten popular.

  4. 4 BigLad January 26, 2011 at 9:42 am

    My personal view is that from the moment the team take the ice, the home fans should be singing, chanting, clapping, etc…doing all they can to make some noise. That can only serve as a positive to the players. It’s then up to the players to play up to the atmosphere in order to keep it going.

    Best game for me so far this season was the Belfast game on the opening weekend. I don’t think many Panthers fans gave us much hope going into the game given the Giants AHL All-Star Team, however look what a difference the crowd made to the players…from the moment the Giants came on we were rabid almost…and for the players from that, not one of them went missing. Each was hungry, and a big part of that was down to feeding off the atmosphere.

    It embarresses me hugely when 50 odd Glaswegians and a dog out-sing 4,000+ home fans.

    Maybe the answer is all those who want so sing/chant sit in the same block for a game?

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