Getting Angry With Greg Mitchell 27th January

 Corey, I’ve got a bit of advice for you. Keep your big fat stupid mouth shut. You might have to talk to the press as part of your job but try and think about what is going to come out before it does. You’ve admitted in the past that you’re arrogant and seem to wear it almost as a badge of pride. Well, let’s face it no one who read your quotes in Wednesday’s Evening Post would argue with you about your arrogance but they’d have to have some doubts about how proud you are of it. Part of a coach’s role is to motivate his team (we’ll start with the easy points first, some of the others like tactics and alternative tactics might be best saved for another day). You were supposed to motivate the Nottingham Panthers. Got that? The Nottingham Panthers. Now I know the team we were playing wear the same colours as us (sort of) and their team name begins with an N as well. I even know that they want the world to feel sorry for them for their profligacy, but you don’t need to motivate them. They’ve got their own coach, a man I’d swap you for in a heartbeat right now, to do that for them.
Corey, what in God’s name possessed you to come out and say “This Newcastle game looks like a formality”? Did you really think this? Did you think saying it made it real? Well, guess what, it didn’t all you’ve done is make yourself look stupid, again. Did Danny Stewart thank you after last night’s game? He should have done as you made his job one hell of a lot easier. Did you think people in Newcastle wouldn’t see your little boast? If that’s the case you can add naive to arrogant and stupid. There’s this thing call the internet, you’re looking at it now, that lets people see what other people have said no matter where they are in the world. Who knows, someone from far flung Cullercoats could be reading this. Who’d have thought eh?
Corey, it’s not even as though you’re a rookie at this, you’ve been trying to be a coach for three years and a player for much longer. You should know what to say in interviews. You say nothing in three hundred words or more (a bit like I’m doing here before you say it). You might think they’re the worst team in the world with about as much chance of winning as Eddie the Eagle but you don’t say that, you don’t give them the ammunition they need to beat you.
Corey, Your statements have made a fool of yourself, the team and the fans that made the journey to Whitley Bay on a Wednesday night and quite frankly you should be made to apologise. You won’t have to, we know that, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to. The result is irrelevant you have made another in a series of stupid errors. Win, lose or draw you should be vilified by the management for what you’ve done. I’ve got a sneaking feeling you’ll get away with it though. You spout the same clap trap week in week out as your pay masters. Do you sit around a table on a Friday preparing the likely excuses for the weekend? Does Gary put words like red hot, unlucky, bounce, bad ice, bus legs or referee on a flipchart and you all brainstorm until you’ve got something new and exciting? I bet you’ve all waited weeks to use an excuse like pucks sticking in the goalie crease paint. There’s a remedy for sticky paint syndrome you know, the cure is to hit it harder.
As for your quote that “Defence has been a pet project of mine this year” perhaps you’d better add delusional to arrogant, stupid and naive. Not looking good is it? You claim that you prepare the team perfectly, or at least you did in Braehead but I’d say given your team let four goals in the first period that they weren’t prepared, would you? Oh, yes you would wouldn’t you because you did everything right so it must just be the players. Are Panthers players subjected hearing tests when they sign? Perhaps they should be because they’re obviously not hearing what you tell them if your perfect preparation are to be believed.
I wonder if it could simply be the case that we’ve been out-coached yet again. Bruce Richardson, Danny Stewart and Ben Simon haven’t got as much coaching experience between them but they manage to beat us don’t they. What are they managing to do that you aren’t Corey? Any ideas? No? I’ll tell you. They get their team to play as just that, a team. Why can’t we do that? Is it egos or simply an ego?
If I thought for one second it would make any difference to this dreadful season and sorry excuse for a team I’d happily buy a ticket for Block 3 and pray for a Vipers victory on Sunday. It wouldn’t though, nothing will change.

I wouldn’t worry though Corey, you’re not alone in my thoughts this week. Your incompetence is on a par with that of Showsec and the “fabulous” Capital FM Arena. They want people to come and watch but when you get there you’re made about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit! I had to buy tickets last Saturday so like a fool I tried to join the end of the queue only I couldn’t join the end of the queue because, I assume, it was within eight feet of the revolving doors. Instead I was told that I would have to stand outside and wait. When I challenged this decision I was told that it was health and safety. Why? I can tell you that if there was a fire I’d have been through those doors like (Jade Galbraith can down) a shot. I can guarantee that I’d be healthy and safe. So, you can only queue where they want you to, but the world and his wife are allowed to barge their way through the poor unfortunates who can’t afford, or don’t want a season ticket and can’t get to the Arena in the week in a manner that would not have been out of place in Pamplona. Where’s the health and safety in that? It’s not only in the queue that these things happen. I’ve been told I was standing in the wrong place in the foyer because I was blocking a path. Anyone seen a path? Are we no longer capable of going round an “obstacle”? It makes you wonder why you bother turning up when it’s so plainly obvious that things would be so much better for them if there was no one there to watch. Know the feeling Corey?


4 Responses to “Getting Angry With Greg Mitchell 27th January”

  1. 1 Michael Gordon January 27, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    Please someone reading this who is a friend of Coreys on Facebook just paste this to his wall!!

  2. 2 Dave V January 27, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    Greg, it’s one of the oldest mistakes in the book, writing the opposition’s teamtalk for them to pin up on the dressing room door, school-boy error. Hardly a shock though, the team is full of school-boy errors at the moment. While I’m at it, to join in the Zion bashing, it gives me no pleasure in agreeing that he stinks at the moment. Why to the ex-Steelers that come over from the darkside end up being such a let down, I thought he was a class signing at the time. Is it the coaching? The same happened with Beaulieu and Alison.

  3. 3 Patrick January 28, 2011 at 9:10 am

    Neilson did exactly the same thing to Newcastle last season as well.

    Called them boring and hopeless before going to the MRA and getting roundly trounced.

    It’s just funny now, well for all us opposition fans.

    Long Live #77

  4. 4 Brenda January 28, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    Very well spoken Greg, totally agree.

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