Van Hoof trots in

Panthers managed to pounce on transfer deadline day and take the roster back up to the allowed 11 imports by signing Jeremy Van Hoof from EPL side Guildford Flames (Elite Prospects Stats). There is some controversy over the signing as there are reports from Guildford that they feel Van Hoof has been ‘poached’, a claim denied by Panthers in their latest press release where they say “Discussions with Guildford have been professional and polite throughout and we don’t anticipate any major problems between now and Wednesday evening.” Van Hoof has only played three games for the Flames so it’s perhaps understandable there is some noise from the Flames regarding his signing.

Van Hoof is a 29 year old 6 foot 2 inch stay at home defenceman, and I would say exactly what we need, a total contrast to the offence orientated Jonathan Zion. There were rumours that Van Hoof was going to sign for Panthers in the summer having played with another Panthers target Trevor Gallant in Asia last season. He has previously played on the same team as Corey Neilson when Van Hoof was captain of the Pensacola Ice Pilots in the 2003-04 season, Jade Galbraith was also on the same team. Neilson said of his capture “I know what we’re getting and I have wanted him to join us both earlier this season and a couple of years ago but the team in Asia came in with a big money offer, finally we get our man, he’ll be good for us and will be solid at the back”. Van Hoof should make his debut in Wednesday’s league game against the Devils in Cardiff.

Panthers are now back up to the full compliment of 11 imports. Will there be any more signings for Panthers on this deadline day? Who knows, but I have heard moneybags Panthers have put in bids for Andy Carroll and Fernando Torres…………


2 Responses to “Van Hoof trots in”

  1. 1 John Thomas February 1, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    No comment regarding Van Hoof – just hope he shows the commitment and discipline lacking in some of his new colleagues recently. The purpose of this e-mail is to ask whether you will be covering the game in Cardiff tomorrow night?>

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