Interview with Jamie Black

A new interview for TCW with Jamie Black, the son of Panthers owner Neil, is linked below.

Jamie Black Interview – February 2011

Constructive comments & feedback are welcome.


1 Response to “Interview with Jamie Black”

  1. 1 john miles February 16, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Dear Jamie,

    Thank you for taking considerable time out of your schedule to comile the replies to Jono’s questions. Your honesty is warmly received and appreciated.

    I agree with most of what you say and even learnt a thing or two from your comments. My main “beef” with Mr Moran is not his supposed control “on-ice” (which you have helped to clear up) but more his total lack of regard or consideration for the fans.

    If you do manage to get hold of him, he is defensive of every question asked, always give the impression that he is right and always knows best. I have sent five emails to Gary, without reply, I sent one to your father, and he had the professional courtesy to reply within 24 hours. A point which impressed me greatly, as I would assume that, as the owner and a businessman, he would have less time to commit to fans than Mr Moran, who is paid to deal with our issues.

    My simple gripe, has always been that Mr Moran needs to be more effective and more in touch with the fans. We are not always critisizing him, merely trying to make our points, however invalid he feels they are. He must learn to listen.

    I really would welcome the opportunity to tell him these points over a coffee, but that is not likely.

    Rant over. Thank you again to both of you.


    John Miles

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