20/20 Vision?

I may surprise a few people here but I actually think the 20/20 tournament at the NIC on 12th March is a good idea! Don’t get me wrong, when I first heard about it I was dead against it, my initial reaction was that it is nothing but a money spinner to fleece fans of more of their hard earned cash. However having had the weekend to think about it properly I actually think it won’t be as bad as most fear.
Personally, I think the four teams involved are to be applauded. The teams involved have shown the sort of solidarity that should be commonplace throughout the Elite League, an opportunity has come about and they’ve seized it. The league is often criticised for having no business acumen, in a very short space of time the opportunity has been taken, a tournament arranged and it looks like there could be some decent prize money involved, which to my knowledge will be the only competition that actually does offer a financial prize. Also I feel it shows that some owners are prepared to work together to improve their lot. The NIC have probably offered the ice time at a reduced rate, it’s a win/win scenario for Neil Black and the Arena. Also, McFly don’t get to inflict their ‘brand’ of manufactured pop on the youth of the East Midlands, which can only be a good thing!
Obviously the timing will be questioned with Panthers in the middle of the Challenge Cup final, Sheffield fighting for the title and the Play-Offs just around the corner and the risk of injuries and fatigue has been mentioned. But, if the teams involved had normal league games on that Saturday no-one would bat an eyelid, but the players risk injury every time they play and every time they train, is this tournament really going to increase the injury risk by that much?
From reading The Cage my fellow Panthers supporters seem mostly against this, very understandable after the disaster that was the 20/20 tournament in Sheffield when it wasn’t taken seriously at all by the team. However this will be different, we’re at home, there’s decent prize money on offer and they’ll be a very partisan crowd in the Arena. Panthers will have nowhere to hide, they have to take this seriously, especially as Neil Black appears to have done most of the donkey work to put this together.
I appreciate this won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, which is fair enough, but I’m buoyed that this is a rare occasion where some teams look prepared to work together to improve their lot, and that can only be a good thing for the future of the Elite League.


1 Response to “20/20 Vision?”

  1. 1 Viv Steadman March 7, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    Bought my tickets for the 20/20 this afternoon. Looking forward to it. I agree with everything you said here.

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