Getting (not so) Angry With Greg Mitchell 30th March

This is going to come as a bit of a shock to some of you but I’m not going to do much moaning this week. In fact I’m probably not going to moan at all. I’m going to have a go at something I particularly dislike but that’s at the end of the article and we’ll get there eventually.
I’m not going to moan for a very simple reason. I’m not going to moan because this really isn’t the time to be doing it. You surely don’t need me to tell you that it’s the play-offs this weekend and we’ve got the pleasure of entertaining our nearest and dearest (whose parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this week). It’s at times like this that we all need to get behind the team. I’m not saying we should forgive or forget the issues that we’ve had with this team, I know I won’t be doing, but for the next few days we’ve got put them on the back burner. The time for recriminations is a week away so for now we’ve got to let the team get on with doing their job. We’re only two games away from a trophy, OK we’ll have to beat teams that finished above us in the league and that’s not been our strong point but we have beaten all those teams and the past counts for nothing now.
Don’t get me wrong I’ve not turned into a happy clapper over night. I won’t be “loud and proud” throughout the game. I won’t have my face painted black and gold or be in fancy dress, I’m not that kind of person, but the Panthers will have my complete support until the game, be it Saturday or Sunday is definitely lost.
I said before that I won’t forgive or forget the problems that this team has and believe me I won’t. We’ll talk again all too soon about those matters and those words may get very harsh in places. The end of any season is naturally a time for reflection and rightly so, and it’s just as right that those words should be true and straight. I’ve been accused of moaning for the sake of it, although I did see the scoreboard showing live pictures this week (they were of David Milliband but you can’t have everything), and there might be some truth in that but I doubt it. When the time comes to reckon up the last eight months I’ll tell the truth and I’ll go in to a depth I won’t mention now but I’d quite like to finish those sentences with the words “but at least they won the play-offs”. It’ll go someway, although not all in some cases, to assuage the pain that’s been felt at times this winter.
On the subject of fancy dress, sort of, there’s one thing about the play-offs that really get my goat (I warned you at the beginning I’d get to moaning in the end) and that’s those people who walk around with signs on their back saying they’re on loan to one team or another. Please! Have some pride in yourselves will you? You’re Panthers supporters, are you so desperate for glory that you’ll jump on the nearest bandwagon that’s passing? If Panthers don’t win then I’m really not bothered who does.If Sheffield won it wouldn’t be the end of the world because we’d have a bit of peace and quiet before they all arrive in the pub to tell us how marvellous they are whilst simultaneously wondering why we a) didn’t already know it and b) agree with them. If we hadn’t beaten Braehead I’d just be going to the play-offs for a drink and a good weekend with my friends (my daughter’s not allowed until she can pay for herself and buy her own drinks). I wouldn’t have been covering myself in badly printed sheets of A4 declaring my allegiance to a team I couldn’t stand a week before. No, I’d just be having a few drinks and moaning about why we weren’t there. So, if you’re thinking of doing this have some respect for yourself and your standards. I feel the same about people who wear their own team shirts when they go to games that don’t involve them but that’s a different matter.
Now I’ve mentioned Braehead I have to ask if I was the only one who thought they’d bring more to the game than they did. Don’t get me wrong I thought Panthers played a very good, almost defensive (careful!) game to shut them out but apart from a few bad checks and some typically Richardson-esque niggles I was disappointed. Didn’t mind winning though.
In a bizarre twist of fate some of the Clan fans were in fancy dress including the lad in the full St Mirren strip accessorized (well, that’s how my wife on a rare trip to a game described it) with a pink tutu and leg warmers. You might be a pillock son, but did you have to let everyone know? Looking forward to seeing their fans at the weekend again though. Anyone that leaves at 2 o’clock from outside a pub that closes at 2 o’clock has got my vote. Anyone fancy a bet on how many times they have to stop on the way here?
Have a good one people, support your team, may the best team named after a big cat win and Jono if I see you, you can buy me a pint for all this rubbish I’ve churned out this year. [Jono: You’re on, I might finally get to meet you and say thanks!]


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