A Load of Bob!

Just over a week ago the hockey world was still enjoying the the warm glow of British Hockey without Bob Phillips, unfortunately the warm glow became a hurricane as Bob returned under the guise of ‘Hockileaks’, a Twitter account and a blog.
After initial bravado and gusto, all we’ve seen is teasing sound-bites promising to ‘blow the lid’ on the alleged corruption within British Ice Hockey , however apart from a posting accusing Marc Twaite of perjury, we’ve seen absolutely nothing. Bob promised that all would be revealed on June 1st, but a tweet appeared earlier saying “At the last minute the League and co get a 72 hour reprieve”. How convenient eh?
All I have to say to Bob is if you have something to say or reveal then let us hear it, don’t hide behind made up injunctions and sound-bites. My own view is that Bob has got nothing to reveal, he’s fed up of being out of the limelight and this is a pathetic attempt to return to the consciousness of the British Hockey fans. The game has enough problems without this maverick showing up again.
Bob, we didn’t need you before and we certainly don’t need you now. Please go back under whichever rock you crawled out of………And stay there!


1 Response to “A Load of Bob!”

  1. 1 Sickboy May 31, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    I totally agree , we didnt want / need Phillips before and we definatly dont need him now. This “lid he’s blowing” wouldn’t be the one on the Quality Street tin where he hid the Season ticket money would it ????

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