Farewell Jade Galbraith

Jade Galbraith’s Nottingham Panthers Career 2008-2011

Games Played – 173

Goals – 71

Assists – 180

Points – 251

PIMs – 248

After three eventful seasons it’s goodbye and farewell to Jade Galbraith. With Brandon Benedict and Scott Champagne completing Panthers forward contingent for 2011/12. In his three seasons he has become one of the most discussed and debated Panthers players of all time. On his game the best player in the league, off his game infuriating and frustrating.

I wanted to pay tribute to Galbraith, it cannot be denied that he was value for money during his time at the NIC. In a game that is becoming more and more sanitised and where players seem to merge into one, he was one of the few characters who stood out and was noticed whether good or bad.

My own personal highlights of Galbraith’s time here are as follows:

  • 27th December 2009 v Sheffield Steelers. With the game poised at 2-2 Galbraith beats two defencemen after cutting in from the left wing. He collects his own rebound off Andrew Verner’s pads and slots the puck into the net, he then skates towards the Steelers fans with his finger to his lips in a ‘shush’ motion. Brilliant.
  • 4th September 2010 v Belfast Giants. After having a perfectly good penalty shot ruled out by Moray Hanson minutes earlier, Galbraith scores the game winning penalty shot and skates past Hanson pointing at the net.
  • 3rd April 2011. After the play-off victory against Cardiff, Galbraith wanders into The Castle pub still in most of his kit and takes time to speak to and have a laugh with fans (even my Steelers supporting other half)

He obviously wasn’t the finished article. He could be infuriating, but that has been well documented in the past, this is a tribute and I don’t really want to bring up the misdemeanours of his time here.

Galbraith himself had his own farewell prepared, in the following letter which appeared on the Panthers website:

“I would just like to say thanks to all the die hard Panthers fans, players and management for all the great times and great friends I have gained during my three years in Nottingham.
It was a tough decison that both parties made in not renewing my contract for the upcoming season but thought it would be in the best interests to part ways.
I am very saddened to have to write this letter to you all but know I will be taking all the friendships and good times with me.  To my teamates and management there have been some ups and downs in my three years but I wouldnt have wanted to be in or with any other team while going through them.  Thank you to the best captain in professional  sports Danny Meyers, David Clarke and of course Corey Neilson for sticking with me no matter what stupid things I have done (HAHA), it means a lot.
As for the management, Mr Black thank you for the opportunity to be and play for this great franchise. Gary and Sarah thank you as well for giving me everything I needed to make my time in Nottingham feel like home. In closing I have only one regret and that is not being able to bring the league title to you fans, but I am very sure it will happen in this upcoming season. Thank you all.”

Many players make throw away comments to appease the fans of the club they have left/are leaving, but that to me feels heartfelt and genuine, and to be honest I wouldn’t expect anything less.

In conclusion, this is probably the right time to move on for him. In a way I’d love to see him elsewhere in the EIHL as the league can ill afford to lose characters like him, but at the same time I’d hate to see him playing against us. Even Dave Simms loved him, tweeting earlier today “I hope Jade Galbraith does turn up in the EIHL, he is a character and we need those. Old school for me over new school.” High praise indeed.

So all that remains to say is goodbye and good luck to Jade Galbraith. I hope you find what you’re looking for.


5 Responses to “Farewell Jade Galbraith”

  1. 1 Sambuca Panthers McGuinness June 9, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    gonna miss him 😦 who’s gonna tell Adam???????

  2. 2 Fiona June 9, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    Sorry to see him go. He was endlessly entertaining despite his faults. We’re going to miss you Jade!

  3. 3 Kev June 10, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    Gonna miss the best hands and hockey brain in the league, but not the temper tantrums!

  4. 4 Robin June 10, 2011 at 7:33 pm

    Agree it was time for him to move on, but definitely going to miss those magic moments. Best of luck, Jade.

  5. 5 Eric June 10, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    Magic playmaker who could both shoot, score and knew when to pass. Don’t think we have found a replacement that will match him for the new season. But let’s see! Well done Jade.

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