Bits & Pieces

Blimey, it has been a while since I’ve done this! Lots to talk about after the weekend though and not enough in each for a full article, so I’ll start with…..

What on earth is going on up there? Second weekend of their season and they still don’t have shirts to wear! Although there has been an apology on that score on the Caps website, there are still a huge amount of issues, none more so than three games in they have conceded 21 goals and scored just 2. Fair enough, they have played Panthers twice and league favourites Belfast, but it seems that they’ve started this season as they finished the last.
Fair enough, they’ve tried to cut costs by hiring mainly Eastern European players and giving Nathan Craze his first regular EIHL starting role as netminder, but it’s still not enough and the fans are voting with their feet in huge numbers and the silence from their owner Scott Neil is deafening!
Scott, on the off chance that you may read this please talk to your fanbase before they disappear. If you’re struggling, ask for help, I’m sure there’s plenty of people who would be happy to give it. You have a great product in a wonderful city, your fans deserve for it to be a success. If not, hand over the reigns to someone who can, the club deserves better than the way it is being treated at the moment.

So far, so good
Not been a bad start for the Panthers has it? OK, I know we always seem to start like this but there seems to be something different about this team, they are a team! I’ve only seen them in the two home games so far, but reports from people who have been to the games in Scotland are very favourable, talking of the team working for each other and seeming to be a really close knit bunch. All in all the early signs are very good.
A few stats for you. Taking the six results so far and expanding it into a 54 game league season, we will finish on 90 points with a 45-9 record. Goals for 324, goals against 54. OK, it’s unlikely to finish like that, but if it did some of the players stats would be as follows: David Clarke 72+27, Matt Myers 27+72, Jordan Fox 27+54 & David Beauregard 81+18! (Never going to happen I know!)

The Litmus Test
Of course the big test for us comes this week. Not only a tricky home game to much improved Hull Stingrays on Wednesday but a huge game in Belfast on Saturday. This is the big test, win and we have every right to be optimistic, lose and the usual self doubt is sure to appear.
With Craig Kowalski on top form, the defence solid and all three lines scoring points I think we will go to Belfast and take the win. I just jinxed it didn’t I?


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