Getting Angry With Greg Mitchell 7th October

This is going to surprise some people after my last article about the pointlessness of Edinburgh but I’m going to watch them instead of Braehead this weekend. To be honest the number of people this will surprise is probably quite low given that I don’t think many people actually read these incoherent rambles (not that I blame them you understand) but that’s a different story.
Panthers v Edinburgh might not be as good a game as the following nights encounter with the Clan, in fact given the relative strengths of the two sides it should be a totally one-sided borefest but I’ve made my mind up and it’s the Caps for me. I might live to regret the quality of the game but that’s not why I’ve made my decision, nor is the fact that we’ve got two home games in two nights. It’s not even the horrendous purple shirts that the Clan wear (OK, there a certain colours that can’t be worn by a Glasgow team but purple? Come on).
It’s none of these things. I’m not turning up because Jade Galbraith is. Regular readers of these columns might remember that I haven’t got a lot of time for Jade Galbraith. There’s no doubting his considerable talent but his lack of application, pre-match drinking bouts, terrible dress sense and complete inconsistency have left a bad taste in my mouth. Those aren’t the reasons I won’t be there on Sunday though and in truth the reasons aren’t Jade’s fault. I won’t be there because I simply can’t stomach the reaction he’ll get from the Panthers fans and management.
Try and spot the most important word in the sentence “Jade Galbraith used to play for the Nottingham Panthers”. Got it? Any ideas? No? You’ll probably be one ofthose getting all excited at his return then. The rest of us, hopefully a silent majority, will realise that the word you were supposed to be looking for was USED. He used to play for us, he doesn’t anymore. Got that? Go and tell the Panthers management then. Over the last few weeks we’ve been extolled to by our tickets because Jade is coming back! Woo hoo. There was even a full page article in last week’s programme apparently (I stopped reading that pile of self serving sycophancy a long time ago) about him. Why?
No doubt when he takes the ice on Sunday there’ll be elements in the crowd getting all unnecessary about his “return” as well. Maybe his drinking buddies from the Belfast trip will be looking forward to a little fun before the start of the week. All this is nothing new. Look at Bruce Richardson’s reception last year, it was like he hadn’t left. Again, they weren’t alone, the management were as guilty of hyping his return as they have been Jade’s. These people need to get things in to perspective and try and remember a few the salient points in this matter. As ever you can rely on your Uncle Greg to point you in its general direction:
Over the summer Corey Neilson, Rick Strachan and Galbraith all came to a conclusion. Basically either Corey and Rick decided that they no longer wanted Jade Galbraith in Nottingham or he decided that he didn’t want to be in Nottingham. Now, unless you’re one of the ones bunnying up to Jade on Sunday you’re not likely to know which of those is correct but we can have our suspicions and they may be right. That doesn’t matter the fact is that the decision was made and acted upon.

That’s the main point. The fact that Galbraith then went to Braehead shouldn’t really matter to Panthers fans. As far as I’m concerned I stopped being interested in him as soon as we signed our last import forward and knew he wasn’t coming back. Don’t get me wrong I have the occasional look where a player has ended up but that’s as far as my curiosity goes. I turn up to games to cheer the Nottingham Panthers team not a bunch of opponents who passed through our ranks in season’s past.
Of course, by going on Saturday I could still be making a rod for my own back. If tickets sales aren’t going that well, and it’s a double header this weekend so that’s entirely possible, I’ll be subjected to constant exhortations to buy a ticket to see Jade the next night. I’m sorry but I don’t buy a ticket to watch the opposition (would I be watching Edinburgh if I did?) I come to watch the Panthers play another team.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t wish Jade ill, I just don’t wish him any luck when he plays us or anyone else which is exactly the same way as I feel for Dan Ceman, Luke Fulghum or Ryan Finnerty. All I’m bothered about is Panthers winning games and that is all the team should be bothered about. If, and I say if, the stories are true then I hope some of last year’s players don’t get sucked into the fact that Galbraith is now facing them. Beat him on the scoreboard, send his team away with their tails between their legs. He is one man on a decent team. Don’t concentrate everything on him but if he’s got the puck on the boards and you’ve got a clear channel to line up a killer check (you’re excused from this for now Danny) then got for it. He’s part of the opposition now and should be treated as such.


6 Responses to “Getting Angry With Greg Mitchell 7th October”

  1. 1 peacock October 7, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    I think you’re overstating the amount that most (though admittedyl not all) of us actually give a crap about Galbraith.

    It’s a game to watch, and support the Panthers, just like all the rest,

  2. 2 Richard October 7, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    Your blogs would be a lot shorter if you weren’t so verbose in labouring your point (singular). You are also doing exactly what you criticise the Panthers management of – concentrating solely on the opposition…

    • 3 Greg October 8, 2011 at 12:35 pm

      Perhaps you should try reading some of my previous posts. Yes, this week there is a singular point and yes it’s about the opposition but are they all like that? I’ll let you decide, Although I suspect you already have.

      As for my style? That’s just how I do it. I’m sorry if your attention span isn’t long enough.

  3. 4 PittPen October 8, 2011 at 5:52 am

    It is possible to be a fan of a player as well as a team.
    I want the Panthers to win on Sunday, but I will always be a Galbraith fan because I became one whilst he was playing for us.
    I won’t be cheering Galbraith on to win on Sunday night, but I will give him a clap at the end of the game.
    In the future I will be interested in watching Jade play and be interested in following his career.
    I am not blinkered enough to have my hockey start and stop with the Panthers,. I am too big a fan of the game for that.
    For instance,.. I hate the Flyers with a passion,. but will always be a Max Talbot and Jagr fan.

  4. 5 Colin October 10, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    Galbraith was so completely inconsistent that his points tally increased each year he was with us. You are also the first man I have come across to let another man’s dress sense leave a bad taste in the mouth. It also seems to me that that the Galbraith haters got far more excited/wound up over his return, than those who appreciated him for his hockey skills. And by the way you missed a treat when Fox all but put him through the boards.

  5. 6 BloodiedNose October 12, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Greg, you can believe this if you want but I know for a fact Corey made the decision to be rid of Jade. Neil Black signed him to the Clan to keep him from any other EIHL team.

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