A Response from Allan Decker about his recent article

Allan Decker responds to criticism of his latest article

Wow, wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t realise so many of you hang on the words of, by your reckoning, a blinkered, arrogant, sad Panthers fan.
This isn’t to offer apology. I make no secret of the fact I don’t really like other teams. As a general rule I don’t like their fans. There are exceptions I’ll admit.
Nor is this an explanation. Let’s face it, all I have been told is that my opinion is wrong. No one has offered any cold hard facts that prove my opinion is wrong, and without these, your views are as worthless as mine!
No, the reason I write this is to say to you all that these words are mine. They aren’t those of Jono, Iain, Greg, Adie and all the other TCW contributors. So even if you don’t read my articles (I won’t lose any sleep), don’t let that put you off TCW.
I’ll be back next week, as long as Jono still wants me.

Jono’s Note:
Losing Greg Mitchell was a big blow for me as the editor/owner/general dogsbody of The Cat’s Whiskers. Not only were his articles enjoyed on the whole but it saved me from writing an article each week and it was great that someone was prepared to give up their time to write an article for the fanzine. As much as I love doing The Cat’s Whiskers and TCW Live, it can be very time consuming, so any contributions always have and always will be gratefully received.
I was delighted when Allan got in touch shortly after Greg’s last article volunteering to take up the mantle he had left. Just like Greg, not everyone will agree with Allan’s opinion, but I feel it’s better to have a variety of opinions rather than just mine all the time. Let’s be honest, it would be a very boring world if we all agreed.
On that basis Allan will continue to write for TCW as long as he wants to do it. As long as there is no bad language or libel it will continue to be published.
To finish, I am always looking for writers/contributors for the fanzine, any fans of any persuasion. If you would like to write an article or have your own regular column I’d be more than happy to hear from you.

Jono Bullard
The Cat’s Whiskers


2 Responses to “A Response from Allan Decker about his recent article”

  1. 1 Panthersdave October 27, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    Dont change what you think to fall in line with what people want to hear, keep up the good work. If people dont like it then they dont have to read. FWIW I agreed with your article.

  2. 2 Damian October 29, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    The post didn’t really make a point for anyone to respond to, it was the voice of a fan from a club with good financial backing telling fans from less well off teams to shut up.

    But in response to your request for cold hard facts I’ll try to add some.

    Considering the game came from North America and they have a lot more experience of making a league successful you may want to cast at least one eye across the pond. Agreements are reached across bigger and smaller markets to agree shared revenues and teams with the worst records are afforded the opportunity to rebuild come draft day. Why do you think this happens?

    I wil tell you. It happens to create more of a level playing field and it happens to ensure a competitve league. If UK owners want to adopt the i’m alright Jack approach they will end up in a four or five team round-robin league with no promotion or relegation – does that sound fun?

    Hands up if you want the game to survive in the UK?

    I know Premiership football fans who have season tickets and aren’t going to renew them next year. the reason being that all they are ever served is a mid-table mediocre season and they have no opportunity to compete with the top four or six. They do not find this enjoyable as they have nothing to hope for. They are not the only ones either, there is a real malaise surrounding the Premier League and the viewing figures for England International games are declining. People are falling out of love with football.

    Any league needs to do everything it can to promote competition and promote opportunity for that league to survive. This is fundamental to the survival of Ice Hockey in the UK and something those in charge in North America understand.

    Franchises are moved if fan bases don’t support their local teams to keep the league competitive and supported. We are a step ahead of these American markets as to use the example of the Vipers, their fans are hockey fans and are now following and supporting the game around the league at other clubs.

    We have the good will of the fans, don’t try and undermine that good will because it is to the detriment of the future of Ice Hockey in the UK, and if you love Ice Hockey and want to continue to follow the Panthers then your comments are not just short-sighted but they are also extremely naive.

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